New Beard 60ml E-Liquid

With the trend towards 60ml E-Liquid as its preferred size, Beard Vape Co has released its original six flavors in new beard 60ml E-Liquid bottles. The vape industry has recently shown an affinity toward 60ml bottles with the 15mls gradually phasing out. Beard Vape Co has taken note and released new beard 60ml E-Liquid bottles.

At we pride ourselves on delivering value. We understand that paying $10-12 for 15ml bottles is history and paying $20-25 for 60ml is the direction our industry is headed. With that said, we have added new beard 60ml E-Liquid in No 5 , No 24, No 51, No 64, and No 71. Also we will be adding various other popular Beard Vape Co collaborations and manufactured products to ever-growing list.

No 00 E-Liquid – A delicious stimulating combination of cappuccino with the right balance of tobacco.

No 5 E-Liquid– The traditional New York Style Cheesecake topped off with strawberries.

No 24 E-Liquid – Salted caramel malt! Sweet rich notes of caramel drizzled over savory malt, sprinkled with a twist of salt.

No 32 E-Liquid – A perfectly drizzled cinnamon funnel cake, straight from the carnival and into your vape.

No 42 E-Liquid – A delicious, cold, fruit medley in a cup topped with a drizzle of sweet whip cream

N0 51 E-Liquid– The perfect vanilla custard dessert.

No 64 E-Liquid – Fresh blue raspberry sweet treats with a unique hibiscus twist.

No 71 E-Liquid – Sweet and sour sugar peaches in every vape.

You can find our entire beard line up and much more HERE