7 Must-Try Tobacco Vape Juices

With all the attention paid to bombastic and creative fruity and sweet vape juices, often overlooked is the fact that there is also a wide selection of equally delicious tobacco flavors. Not to be confused with the unappealing, toxic taste and smell of cigarettes, these blends approach the tobacco space with an air of sophistication that is difficult to match in the vapor world. Indulge yourself with an array of top shelf tobacco flavors which bring a bold and rich spin into your tank or RDA, and discover what you have been missing with these 7 must-try tobacco vape juices!

VCT by Ripe Vapes

A certified best seller, even up against some of the biggest names in the industry, VCT is a classic that simply won’t slow down. Bringing a sophisticated blend of vanilla, caramel and tobacco, this is a rich and savory vape experience that does not disappoint. The expertly combined trio of complementary flavors is only made more fulfilling with the hint of almonds that accompany the exhale. VCT by Ripe vapes stands tall among is peers and presents a classic flavor that should never be overlooked.

Creme of the Crop by Prymium

True to its name, Creme of the Crop is rises to the top of its class. Bringing together a sweet butterscotch cake with notes of light tobacco, Creme of the Crop steps outside of the box by blurring the lines between dessert and tobacco. Designed to be the vape equivalent of a fine after-dinner cigar, Creme of the Crop by Prymium is an elegant indulgence that is tailor made to be savored.

Tobacco Trail by Cuttwood

Cuttwood has earned itself countless fans across the globe with their groundbreaking flavors. Entire flavor categories in vaping exist today thanks to their innovation. The tobacco category is no exception, as evidenced by the continued popularity of Tobacco Trail. Starting with a mild and smooth tobacco and adding the perfect touch of honey results in a hit tobacco flavor flavor that is not too bold and just the right amount of sweet. Tobacco Trail is an outstanding choice for any tobacco fan who seeks a laid back and light tobacco blend.

Django by 13th Floor Elevapors

Django is a cult classic among vape enthusiasts. Never quite a name brand, but slowly accumulating fans since its launch, Django presents a carefully crafted combination of vanilla milk drizzled with caramel and meshed with a Kentucky tobacco. Another example of vape juice which crosses the border between dessert and tobacco, Django is able to appeal to a broad range of tastes. Django by 13th Floor Elevapors may just be the most widely loved vape juice you’ve never tried, Premium Vape Supply is excited to be the one to change that!

American Patriots by Naked 100

A living legend in the vaping market, Naked 100 released a long string of hits, mostly focused on fruity tropical blends. At the same time, Naked 100 has quietly been captivating tobacco vapers with their top shelf tobacco line-up. American Patriots leads the way with a no-frills full flavored tobacco that doesn’t give up an inch. Americans are known for their hard-nose get the job done attitude, a trait that American Patriots by Naked 100 exudes to its maximum potential.

Watson OG by OPMH Project

Watson E-Liquid presents a line-up of complex tobacco flavors which impart a sense of sophistication that is unmistakable. Watson OG is a clear favorite of the bunch a mouth-watering blend of the classic taste of a hand rolled cigar and a smooth and sweet pipe tobacco. A fine rendition of an elegant cigar experience, Watson OG by OPMH Project is the perfect choice for those who wish to enjoy the fancy cigar experience, without the well known downsides of combustible tobacco.

JW by Uncle Junks

JW brings with a certain attitude, which you may recognize from the movies. Named after a well known actor, who shall not be named, JW presents a creamy tobacco flavor which is as smooth as it is hearty. Combining a savory and delicious full bodied tobacco with honey, cream and caramel promises a complex blend that suits many different tastes. Whether you consider yourself a sucker for sweet honey, a fan of dessert creamy blends, or a sweet tooth caramel lover, JW by Uncle Junks presents a delicious choice when it comes to fine tobacco vape juice flavors.

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