Best Apple E-Juice Flavors

Best Apple E Juice Flavors are the fruit that nearly everyone loves. Whether you’re on a diet needing something sweet, or you just have a craving for them, apples seem to be one of the most enjoyed fruits. Best Apple E-Juice Flavors are a sweet and tart fruit that brings mouth-watering desire. Here is a list of ‘Top Three’ picks of must-try apple E-Liquids.
  • Wild Apple E-Liquid by Air Factory offers  a mouth-watering, sweet apple taffy treat with the perfect blend of red and green apples.  Air Factory introduces introduces an assortment of fruity sweets themed line-up. Each flavor is crafted to capture the essence of perfection through the highest quality ingredients delivering a classic sweet tooth delectable delight. Certain vape juice flavors are also offered in the Frost Factory theme which includes refreshing, crisp, clean menthol blends.
  • Green Apple Sours E-Liquid by Kilo Sour Series is sweet and sour tangy strips of chewy apple sweet treat with a sugar coating.
  • Reds Apple E-Juice by Vape 7 Daze offers a delicious crisp red apple flavor that will remind you of your favorite apple juice. Vape 7 Daze steals the show with an entire line up of tremendous Apple flavor offerings. Each vape juice flavor combines delectable apple deliciousness with another highlighted sweet fruit such as Berries , Watermelon , and Grape . All of these great Vape 7 Daze Best Apple E-Juice flavors are also offered in menthol !