The Best Flavored Vape Juices in 2019

Best Flavored Vape Juices

At Premium Vape Supply, we all have our favorite e-juice brands and flavors—our “editors’ picks,” if you will. And judging by which items fly off the shelves the fastest, our customers prefer certain juices too.

In our effort to bring you the best quality and variety, we’ve added many new e-liquids products to our catalog. But what are the best vape juice flavors? How can you decide which is the best vape juice for you—especially if you’re new to vaping?

Here’s a breakdown of what we think are the best flavored vape juices in 2019, sorted by flavor category: simply sweet and full-on fruity. You can quickly and easily focus on the products that call to your taste buds.

The Best Vape Juices for Sweet Tooths

If you’re always up for something sugary, we’ve got a selection of snappy snack and dessert juices to satisfy your cravings.

Unfortunately, even the best vape juice can’t scratch EVERY itch, but we’re sure the following four tasty treats will boost your mood.

Sadboy Shamrock Cookie by Philly Vape Society

A fresh flavor for 2019, and one of our favorites, is Sadboy Shamrock Cookie. A little bit like those chocolate-covered mint cookies you could die for, this juice flavor is cookie heaven.

Mint e-juice is a fresh change from your standard fruit flavors, and Sadboy is proud to offer you this crisp alternative.

PB & Jam by Jam Monster

If you like your sweet with a side of creamy, PB & Jam is the e-liquid for you. Get your snack fix in an instant with this super sammy.

Jam Monster smothers hot toast with roasted peanut butter and flavorful grape jam for a nostalgic yet perfectly grown-up indulgence.

Ugly Butter by Bad Drip Labs

Bridging the gap between sweet and fruity is Ugly Butter. Despite its name, this e-juice tastes like a beautiful banana pudding, enhanced by a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar.

Bad Drip Labs offers a number of flavors other than this creamy custard. But we think Ugly Butter is the best of the brand’s non-juicy juices.

The Best Vape Juices for Fruit-Lovers

It’s clear that fruit flavors dominate the vape juice market. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet seen any e-juice flavors along the lines of a turkey dinner.

But with so many ripe choices available, it’s hard to pick just one. Out of the best flavored vape juices in 2019, we think these next four are the bomb.

Sorbet Salt E-Liquid by Pachamama Salts

Do as the Romans do by indulging in a frozen confection after your meal. Sorbet blends fresh-squeezed lemonade with ripe raspberries for an elegant experience.

If you’re looking for a high-end vaping experience, a luxurious flavor like Sorbet is a great choice. And the Pachamama line is made by Charlie’s Chalk Dust, one of the top e-liquid companies.

Blue Slushie by Keep It 100

Summer days at the corner store are captured in this fruity e-juice from Keep It 100. Cool Blue Slushie mixes blue raspberry with a touch of strawberry for icy refreshment.

Keep It 100 is the master of recreating the carefree days of a vacation with its unique flavors. Blue Slushie is just right for lazing about and for sharing with a friend.

Mystery E-Liquid by Air Factory

Are you a risk-taker? A lover of horror flicks and extreme sports? If so, Air Factory has the fruit-flavored e-juice for you. Live life on the edge and immerse yourself in Mystery.

Here’s what we do know about Mystery e-juice: it’s a blend of UFBs (unidentified fruits and berries). And although it’s been around for a while, Mystery continues to garner top ratings from users.

Mango Reds Apple by Vape 7 Daze

Who doesn’t like apples? This all-American fruit is the perfect base for a lineup of fruit-flavored e-liquids by Vape 7 Daze.

Our top choice for 2019 from 7 Daze is luscious Mango Reds Apple, a blend of classic apple and tropical mango. And if you prefer your vape with a touch of menthol, try Mango Reds Apple Iced.

Enjoy Premium Vape Supply’s selection of the best flavored vape juices in 2019

We hope you’ve enjoyed our rundown on the top vape juice flavors of the year. With products arriving every week, we may add several choices to our list by the end of the year.

In the meantime, let one of these fresh flavors enhance your vaping experience. Be sure to let us know what you think!