Best Tobacco E-Liquid Flavors

We’ve compiled a list of the best tobacco E-Liquid flavors which have combined tobacco with various custards, sweets, and desserts. All of these E-Liquid lines have non-tobacco E-Liquid flavors with proven success presently on the market, but they have taken their craftsmanship to the next level by creating tobacco vape juice flavors that are enjoyable for even those that are not a fan of tobacco flavored vapes.

We’ll start with one of the first and until this day one of the best tobacco E-Liquid flavors; JW E-Liquid by Uncle Junk’s e juice. JW E-Liquid provides us an excellent honey tobacco vape with a creamy caramel undertone that blends in tobacco to create the perfect balance. Another tobacco vape juice flavor utilized honey for the ultimate tobacco flavor mix is Tobacco Trail E-Liquid by Cuttwood Vapors. Tobacco Trail E-Liquid creates a mild sweet tobacco through by mixing in honey. Cuttwood’s Tobacco Trail E-Liquid seems to have the most prevalent tobacco flavoring out of all the vape juices discussed.

Next we have what many consider the best tobacco E-Liquid flavor; VCT E-Liquid by Ripe Vapes. VCT E-Liquid, just as the acronym states, is Vanilla Custard Tobacco. This blend gives you one of the smoothest and creamy tobacco vapes one could wish for. The Vanilla and Custard in VCT E-Liquid doesn’t undermine the tobacco but compliments it in a unique way that leaves you yearning for more. Similary, Capone E-Liquid from Villain Vapors utilizes a vanilla undertone that mixes with caramel to produce a dessert-like tobacco vape. Capone E-Liquid almost seems like a hybrid of JW E-Liquid from Uncle Junks and VCT E-Liquid by Ripe Vapes.

Last but not least we have one of the more unique mixes in the vape industry. Creme of the Crop E-Liquid by Prmyum E-Liquids manages to create a vanilla butterscotch inhale with a smooth tobacco exhale. Similar to VCT E-Liquid, Creme of the Crop builds a vanilla creamy undertone and really brings it home with a nice butterscotch inhale and a nice tobacco finish on the exhale. Overall it’s definitely worth a try to give these tobacco vape juice flavors shot as they have definitely created unique profiles that a broad spectrum of vapers can enjoy.

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