Best Watermelon E-Juice Flavors

Best Watermelon E-Juice Flavors, they can be sweet, sour, and even creamy. Watermelon E-Juice flavors is just one of those fruits that nearly everyone enjoys. We have put together the top five must try best watermelon E-Juice flavors vapers should try.
  • Watermelon E-Liquid By NKTR Sour E-Juices– This refreshing watermelon has been combined with a hint of sour. This has a sweet, fresh, and juicy watermelon taste with a zing of sour. This juice delivers a little kick, making it different from any other watermelon flavor. NKTR has applied perfect blending to provide that much-loved watermelon taste, with the hint of sour. NKTR is known for using tobacco-free nicotine. On top of being delicious, this juice is for those who want nicotine from somewhere other than tobacco.