Best Watermelon E-Juice Flavors

Best Watermelon E-Juice Flavors, they can be sweet, sour, and even creamy. Watermelon E-Juice flavors is just one of those fruits that nearly everyone enjoys. We have put together the top three must try best watermelon E-Juice flavors vapers should try.
  • Watermelon Melt E-Liquid by Prmyum E-Liquids- A watermelon sorbet is the most refreshing treat. Sorbets are light, sugary, and tasty and that is what this juice delivers. Watermelon Melt is a mixture of three different melons, and it brings an extraordinary sorbet to life. Prmyum E-Liquids have created four top-notch flavors. They’ve created a tobacco flavor called Creme of the Crop that is so delicious. They are also well known for their melt flavors. The melt family includes Strawberry Melt, Watermelon Melt, and Blueberry Melt. Strawberry Melt and Creme of the Crop released first, and after those two flavors were such a hit, they manufactured Watermelon Melt and Blueberry Melt in July 2016. Those looking for creamy E-Juice must try all of Prmyum’s flavors.
  • Watermelon E-Liquid by Pop Clouds E-Liquid– Vapers looking for their favorite popping sweet treat can find it with Watermelon e-liquid. Pop Clouds has brought this sweet treat e-juice to life. Watermelon  e-liquid has tickled our taste buds, and with 10 different flavors, if the watermelon isn’t your choice they certainly have other sweet treat options.
  • Watermelon Punch E-Liquid by Juice Roll UpzWatermelon Punch is an all-day treat, this sweet mouth-watering vape tastes just as expected, like a fruit roll up. This watermelon roll up has a kick of fruit punch, which adds taste and definition to the flavors. This juice lingers on your tongue and keeps you smiling all day long. Watermelon Punch is such a treat that the word delicious is an understatement.