New One Hit Wonder E-Liquid Magic Man

New One Hit Wonder E-Liquid Magic Man will be released this weekend during ECC 2016 at the Santa Anita Park in Southern California. One Hit Wonder E-Liquids has done it again giving you the signature 100ml package of high quality E-Juice at an even better price. The New One Hit Wonder E-Liquid Magic Man will take your favorite […]

New Beard 60ml E-Liquid

With the trend towards 60ml E-Liquid as its preferred size, Beard Vape Co has released its original six flavors in new beard 60ml E-Liquid bottles. The vape industry has recently shown an affinity toward 60ml bottles with the 15mls gradually phasing out. Beard Vape Co has taken note and released new beard 60ml E-Liquid bottles. […]

Kilo Black Series Released

Kilo E-Liquids joined the August 8 frenzy when the Kilo Black Series released with a premium line up of 4 delicious dessert flavors. Kilo Black Series includes Milk and Cookies E-Liquid, Honey Creme E-Liquid, Birthday Cake E-Liquid, and Apple Pie E-Liquid.With the new launch, Kilo Black Series released 4 dessert flavors in 60ml boxed packaging. Headlined […]

Best Tobacco E-Liquid Flavors

We’ve compiled a list of the best tobacco E-Liquid flavors which have combined tobacco with various custards, sweets, and desserts. All of these E-Liquid lines have non-tobacco E-Liquid flavors with proven success presently on the market, but they have taken their craftsmanship to the next level by creating tobacco vape juice flavors that are enjoyable for […]