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Prmyum E-Liquids Relaunch

Premium Vape Supply is proud to announce the Prmyum E-Liquids relaunch of its popular four flavors with new packaging and value-added pricing! Originally founded in the Fall of 2015, Prmyum E-Liquids hit the ground running with its flagship flavors Creme of the Crop and Strawberry Melt. After a great reception from its original flavors, in July 2016 Prmyum E-Liquids released two more high demand flavor profiles in Blueberry Melt and Watermelon Melt completing what is known as the Melt E-Liquid collection. The Prmyum E-Liquids relaunch brings us the same great four flavors with added value.
What’s new with the Prmyum E-Liquids Relaunch? They’ve also created a new matte black box, with shiny silver lettering and designs, and colorful lettering to suit the flavor the box represents. These boxes provide a clear nicotine level in a bold  font along with the necessary warning requirements.  All four of their flavors come in adult-themed box, in the largest offering, with brand new pricing. If you haven’t tried Prmyum you are missing out on a fantastic juice line. There was a lot of thought put into their juice, and the testing process for each flavor took months, not to mention,  they offer a mature brand with only adults in mind.
Creme of the Crop E-Liquid– The second original flavor, Creme of the Crop is a butterscotch cake and tobacco flavor. The tobacco flavor is soft in this juice but it’s definitely discernable, however, it also has that sweet butterscotch flavor and the butterscotch brings a nice balance to the tobacco, it’s like Ying and Yang. This creative juice appeals to more than just tobacco lovers, it also appeals to those who lean towards dessert juices.
Melt E-Liquid Collection
Strawberry Melt E-Liquid– One of Prmyum’s two original flavors, Strawberry Melt offers a unique strawberry soft serve ice cream, with a waffle cone, and not to be mistaken for every other strawberry around, this juice sets itself apart. Strawberry Melt offers you a fresh strawberry, but what really makes this juice stand out is the soft serve ice cream on a waffle cone. This juice is in high demand, and with the relaunch customers no longer need to buy several 30ML bottles to meet their needs. So, be sure to grab your 120ML bottle today, since as we stated, these are in high demand.
Blueberry Melt E-Liquid– Yogurt is a difficult ejuice to create, it takes a lot of tries to perfect and Prmyum crushed it. They nailed the yogurt profile, but by adding in the blueberries, this juice exceeded the limits and broke through the flavor barrier. For those on the outside of juice crafting, and in order to grasp a full understanding of the complexity of these flavors, you have to realize that a good company tries several different mixtures, but a great company tries many over several months until it’s just right, and Prmyum is one of those great companies. You can rest assured that when you pick any of Prmyum’s flavors you are getting the best and that you are receiving a flavor that has been picked apart to ensure it’s just right.
Watermelon Melt E-Liquid– Unlike many other watermelon flavors, this juice is mixed with three different melons. The three melons blend flawlessly to create a watermelon sorbet. It should also be said, this E-Liquid may remind you of a popular watermelon sweet treats. Don’t be surprised if you can’t live without this ejuice in your life.

Best Watermelon E-Juice Flavors

Best Watermelon E-Juice Flavors, they can be sweet, sour, and even creamy. Watermelon E-Juice flavors is just one of those fruits that nearly everyone enjoys. We have put together the top three must try best watermelon E-Juice flavors vapers should try.
  • Watermelon Melt E-Liquid by Prmyum E-Liquids- A watermelon sorbet is the most refreshing treat. Sorbets are light, sugary, and tasty and that is what this juice delivers. Watermelon Melt is a mixture of three different melons, and it brings an extraordinary sorbet to life. Prmyum E-Liquids have created four top-notch flavors. They’ve created a tobacco flavor called Creme of the Crop that is so delicious. They are also well known for their melt flavors. The melt family includes Strawberry Melt, Watermelon Melt, and Blueberry Melt. Strawberry Melt and Creme of the Crop released first, and after those two flavors were such a hit, they manufactured Watermelon Melt and Blueberry Melt in July 2016. Those looking for creamy E-Juice must try all of Prmyum’s flavors.
  • Watermelon E-Liquid by Pop Clouds E-Liquid– Vapers looking for their favorite popping sweet treat can find it with Watermelon e-liquid. Pop Clouds has brought this sweet treat e-juice to life. Watermelon  e-liquid has tickled our taste buds, and with 10 different flavors, if the watermelon isn’t your choice they certainly have other sweet treat options.
  • Watermelon Reds Apple by Vape 7 Daze – Is an all-day treat, this sweet mouth-watering vape tastes just as expected, like a watermelon rendition of your favorite apple drink. This watermelon is built on the classic Reds Apple base, which adds taste and definition to the flavors. Watermelon Reds Apple is the ultimate treat that the word “tasty” is an understatement.

Best Dessert E-Juice Flavors

Best Dessert E-Juice Flavors is one of the most popular E-liquid flavors, when it comes down to picking the Best Dessert E-Juice Flavors, look no further than here. Just about every dessert flavor is available; from a cake with icing, ice-cream, or smores there’s a dessert vape for everyone. We have selected a list of five Best Dessert E-Juice Flavors. Now you can vape your favorite dessert.
  • Lemon Jam E-Liquid by Jam Monster– Lemon Jam brings forth a rendition of a freshly buttered piece of toast smothered sweet jam rounded off with a zesty lemon finish. Jam Monster has done it again with another classic dessert treat that incorporates their buttered toast base blended to perfection with a lemon sweet pastry. Come see why Lemon Jam E-Liquid is a perfect addition to the robust Jam Monster selection.
  • Key Lime Cookie E-Liquid by Ripe Vapes– Ripe Vapes makes a delectable key lime cookie. Those who love key lime and cookies need to try this Key Lime Cookie E-Liquid. Imagine a warm cookie with notes of key lime. Ripe Vapes was founded in 2013, and they pride themselves for their “exclusive and unique flavors”. They also only use the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Ripe Vapes has a knack for creating awesome e-juice. Vape Conventions around the world have awarded them for their juice. Key Lime Cookie E-Liquid should most definitely be in your tank.
  • Smores E-Liquid by Loaded– Is there anything more exciting than having some smores by a campfire? Loaded has invented the perfect smores e-juice with melted marshmallows, melted milk chocolate, between two Cinnamon graham crackers. This fan favorite juice is a must try for anyone who loves this night time treat. Loaded is on point with this creation, as we would expect them to be, considering Ruthless E-Juice is their manufacturer. Ruthless has been around since 2011, and they know what they are doing. Ruthless has created many fan favorite e-liquids. For vapers all over the world, they are a trusted name and a brand that gets it right. Make sure your tank is Loaded today.

New One Hit Wonder E-Liquid Magic Man

New One Hit Wonder E-Liquid Magic Man will be released this weekend during ECC 2016 at the Santa Anita Park in Southern California. One Hit Wonder E-Liquids has done it again giving you the signature 100ml package of high quality E-Juice at an even better price. The New One Hit Wonder E-Liquid Magic Man will take your favorite gummy sweet snack to the next level and bring it to you in the form of an E-Juice you won’t be able to put down. Imagine your three favorite sweet treat flavors meshed together to give you a sweet delightful vape that will keep you coming back for more!

Brand Recognition:

Established in Los Angeles California in 2015, One Hit Wonder E-Liquids has been the pioneer in producing large size 180ml E-liquid bottles while the industry standard was 30ml. One Hit Wonder E-Liquids took the vape industry by storm with the release of Muffin Man E-Liquid with their unique packaging that includes 180mls of juice and two empty unicorn bottles. Throughout the years, they’ve added delicious “hit” flavors including The Man, Rocket Man, My Man, Magic Man, Island Man, Mini Muffin Man, and Island Man. Combining excellent flavor with huge value packed bottles, One Hit Wonder parlayed their success into a variety of vape juice flavors now in a 100ml line-up manufactured with nicotine salts.  At Premium Vape Supply we carry the entire One Hit Wonder E-Liquids selection in 100ml (Nicotine Salts) Chubby Gorilla bottles at a value packed price!

*One Hit Wonder “Man Series” 100ml bottles come with TruNic 2.0 Nicotine Salts in 3mg and 6mg options.

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Best Tobacco E-Liquid Flavors

We’ve compiled a list of the best tobacco E-Liquid flavors which have combined tobacco with various custards, sweets, and desserts. All of these E-Liquid lines have non-tobacco E-Liquid flavors with proven success presently on the market, but they have taken their craftsmanship to the next level by creating tobacco vape juice flavors that are enjoyable for even those that are not a fan of tobacco flavored vapes.

We’ll start with one of the first and until this day one of the best tobacco E-Liquid flavors; JW E-Liquid by Uncle Junk’s e juice. JW E-Liquid provides us an excellent honey tobacco vape with a creamy caramel undertone that blends in tobacco to create the perfect balance. Another tobacco vape juice flavor utilized honey for the ultimate tobacco flavor mix is Tobacco Trail E-Liquid by Cuttwood Vapors. Tobacco Trail E-Liquid creates a mild sweet tobacco through by mixing in honey. Cuttwood’s Tobacco Trail E-Liquid seems to have the most prevalent tobacco flavoring out of all the vape juices discussed.

Next we have what many consider the best tobacco E-Liquid flavor; VCT E-Liquid by Ripe Vapes. VCT E-Liquid, just as the acronym states, is Vanilla Custard Tobacco. This blend gives you one of the smoothest and creamy tobacco vapes one could wish for. The Vanilla and Custard in VCT E-Liquid doesn’t undermine the tobacco but compliments it in a unique way that leaves you yearning for more. Similary, Capone E-Liquid from Villain Vapors utilizes a vanilla undertone that mixes with caramel to produce a dessert-like tobacco vape. Capone E-Liquid almost seems like a hybrid of JW E-Liquid from Uncle Junks and VCT E-Liquid by Ripe Vapes.

Last but not least we have one of the more unique mixes in the vape industry. Creme of the Crop E-Liquid by Prmyum E-Liquids manages to create a vanilla butterscotch inhale with a smooth tobacco exhale. Similar to VCT E-Liquid, Creme of the Crop builds a vanilla creamy undertone and really brings it home with a nice butterscotch inhale and a nice tobacco finish on the exhale. Overall it’s definitely worth a try to give these tobacco vape juice flavors shot as they have definitely created unique profiles that a broad spectrum of vapers can enjoy.

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