New Cosmic Fog 60ml and Lost Fog 60ml E-Liquid

Dapple Whip 60ml E-Liquid by Lost Fog 

Streek 60ml E-Liquid by Lost Fog Vapors Baie Creme 60ml E-Liquid by Lost Fog Vapors


The New Cosmic Fog 60ml and Lost Fog 60ml E-Liquid lines have launched giving vapers an excellent juice at an even better value. It seems that Cosmic Fog and Lost Fog have followed suit with Beard Vape Co and release all of their flavors in 60ml bottles. The market trends show that vapers have spoken with their wallets and refuse to buy 15ml bottles at $10-12 price point when 60ml bottles are readily available at $20-25

At we keep an eye on the market to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. We have added the new cosmic fog 60ml and lost fog 60ml E-Liquid flavors including the freshly released Chewberry E-Liquid and Chill’d E-Liquid in their 60ml bottles.

Chewberry E-Liquid – A delicious chewy candy blend of savory strawberries, passion fruit, and mysterious sweet tropical fruits.

Chill’d Tobacco E-Liquid – A unique blend of mild tobacco leaf with a blast of peppermint and a hint of chocolate.

Milk and Honey E-Liquid – A dessert combination of fluffy marshmallow and cold milk drizzled with rich honey.

Sonrise E-Liquid – Your favorite tropical Hawaiian drink combining kiwi and pineapples with a hint of passion fruit.

Sonset E-Liquid – A delicious unique combination Creme Brulee infused with Japanese Nashi pears topped off with salted caramel.

Shocker E-Liquid – A medley of tropical fruit highlighted with juicy ripe strawberries smoothed with refreshing tangy citrus lemonade.

Kryp E-Liquid – A juicy, sweet, refreshing blend of cantaloupe and watermelon mixed into your favorite chewy candy.


Neon Cream E-Liquid – A delicious frosted ice cream sherbet blend featuring sweet raspberries, orange, and tangy lemon-lime.

Baie Creme E-Liquid – A savory fruit combination of sweet exotic berries with passion fruit topped with whipped honey cream.

Dapple Whip E-Liquid – Your favorite carnival candy with a green granny smith apple drenched in rich, sweet caramel goodness.

Streek E-Liquid – The ultimate dessert of fresh, ripe, hand-picked strawberries blended into rich, creamy Greek yogurt.

You can find all these great flavors and much more HERE