New E-Liquid Additions & Arrivals

New E-liquid additions are available at Premium Vape Supply. We listen and consider your feedback for our new e-liquid additions and have increased our selection of the best new e-liquids on the market. We have new flavors from respected manufacturers such as One Hit Wonder, Vapetasia, and Dinner Lady. You can trust that here at Premium Vape Supply we are always looking to add the vape products that you need and want, from tropical favorites to delicious creamy custards, we’ve got all your favorite vape juice in stock!
We are announcing the addition of Dinner Lady line to Premium Vape Supply! Dinner Lady has flavors of E-Liquid that you won’t be able to get off of your mind! They have four sweet flavors available that will ignite your sweet tooth. Dinner Lady is a one stop shop for an array of different desserts and sugary pastries. Their juices will work up your appetite and have you coming back for seconds!
Lemon Tart – Is a baked to perfection pastry with lemon that’s smothered in whipped meringue. This lemon tart is sugary sweet satisfaction in a bottle.
Strawberry Custard – Strawberry Custard is your caramel, strawberry, and custard; do we need we say more? This smooth custard treat with fresh strawberries and hints of caramel will have you begging for another bottle before yours is gone!
Cornflake Tart – Is a pastry made with corn flakes drizzled with maple syrup and mixed with strawberry jelly. This juice has an explosion of flavors for your tongue.
Rice Pudding – A classic rice pudding with raspberries! This sweet pudding is delicious and smooth and offers hints of vanilla. The raspberry in this juice brings you an entirely balanced delectable E-Liquid. You’ll be on top of the world with this juice in your hand!
One Hit Wonder adds Island Man to its line up! One Hit Wonder E-Liquid crafts their juice from Las Angeles, California, and they pride themselves on using the best ingredients.
Island Man – Is a delicious fruit punch E-Liquid that is packed full with tropical fruits. It’s an instant vacation day under the sun with a glass of fruit punch. You’ll want to have this juice with you every day!
Vapetasia has released Strawberry Killer Kustard to be a fruity spin of their successful juice Killer Kustard. Vapetasia, manufactured out of Las Vegas, Nevada, is proud to bring you the finest quality of E-Liquid.
Strawberry Killer Kustard – Is your favorite Killer Kustard with vanilla but with strawberries added! You’ll spend all day with this vape juice and miss it when you put it down. An immediate mood booster with its profound taste and huge clouds this juice is happiness in a bottle!
We hope you are as excited about these new e-liquid additions as we are! As always your feedback is important to us, so be sure to let us know what other flavors you’d love to see here at Premium Vape Supply.