New Keep it 100 E-Liquid Line

Keep It 100, who is manufactured by Liquid Labs, is making waves through the vape community. New Keep it 100 E-Liquid Line has released seven flavors in 100ML chubby gorilla bottles and priced their juice at a cost that is more than reasonable. We proudly carry their entire line, and the feedback from vapers is impressive. It seems that the community can’t get enough of Keep It 100! It could be their high-quality e-juice and their delicious flavor profiles, not to mention their appealing labels, is just all around thrilling and tasty. Let’s take a moment to run through the flavors from the New Keep it 100 E-Liquid Line.
Strawberry Milk E-Liquid by Keep it 100 is a classic Strawberry Milk, sweet and creamy, and bursting with fresh strawberries. Put this in a blender, and it’s a magical combination, BAM strawberry milk blended to perfection. There’s no doubt that strawberry lovers won’t be able to get enough of this e-liquid.
Peachy Punch E-Liquid by Keep it 100 is a fascinating mixture of all the best summer fruits. This e-juice has peaches, apples, and mangoes they taste as if they were put through a juicer, mixed, and served up in your tank. These sweet and tangy flavors burst in your mouth to delight all fruit loving vapers.

Pink Burst E-Liquid by Keep it 100 is everyone’s favorite pink sweet treat chew. This strawberry indulgence offers sweet and mouthwatering tang. This e-juice has just enough zing with sugar to leave your tongue begging for more. Whether this is an all day vape or just an after dinner treat replacement, either way, you’re going to love it.

Kiberry Killa E-Liquid by Keep it 100 is a fantastic strawberry kiwi treat! We all know that Strawberry and Kiwi go well together, but once you taste it in Kiberry Killa, you’ll agree that they are the best combination ever. Keep It 100 takes the ripest strawberries with the sweetest kiwi’s; this juice will blow your mind as it takes you on a tropical journey.
Blue Slushie E-Liquid by Keep it 100 is that gas station trip you have to take to get your sweet ice drink fix. We’ve all been there, it’s hot out, and there is only one thing in the world you want; that’s right a Blue Slushie! Delicious, keep you coming back for more, blue raspberry syrup with ice and oh yeah a bit of strawberry too. Can we just say “yes, please!”.

Krunchy Squares E-Liquid by Keep it 100 is your toasted cinnamon squares in a bowl of milk. Wonderful, must have cereal in a bowl, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a snack we can all agree that this is everyone’s favorite. Now you can take it with you everywhere and enjoy it as often as you wish!

Mallow Man E-Liquid by Keep it 100 is marshmallows and sugar cookie bliss. Trust me these are the cookies you can’t put down. First, there’s an entire package, and next thing you know, there’s nothing left. Now you don’t have to worry about your blood sugar just vape and relish in this bakery cookie with warm sticky marshmallows.

As you can tell, the New Keep It 100 E-Liquid line has mixed some of the best E-Juice combinations around. It is no wonder why they are doing well and why we keep coming back for more.