New Vapor Maid 60ml E-Liquid Line

The new Vapor Maid 60ml E-Liquid line is fully launched with Cookie Jar 60ml E-Liquid , Maple Berry 60ml E-Liquid , and Pudding 60ml E-Liquid. Manufactured by Beard Vape Co. , the new Vapor Maid 60ml E-Liquid line originally launched with the Pudding E-Liquid several months ago with only the 30ml bottle option. Since then they’ve added the 60ml bottle option along with 2 great flavors: Cookie Jar E-Liquid and Maple Berry E-Liquid. The all new Vapor Maid 60ml E-Liquid line gives you the same Beard Vape Co quality providing a nice cinnamon desert E-Liquid line that comes  in 60ml bottles to make your dollar go further.

Pudding E-Liquid – A delicious cinnamon marshmallow pudding.

Cookie Jar E-Liquid – A delicious cookie butter vanilla pastry with hints of sweet cinnamon sprinkled on top.

Maple Berry Pancake E-Liquid – A stack of soft, fluffy blueberry pancakes that have been drizzled with a gooey warm syrup drizzle.

Be sure to try out these 3 great flavors HERE in their value packed 60ml bottles along with other Beard Vape Co E-Liquids such as NO 5 E-Liquid , No 24 E-Liquid , No 32 E-Liquid , No 51 E-Liquid , No 64 E-Liquid, and No 71 E-Liquid. Premium Vape Supply offers Vapor Maid E-Liquids in 60ml options.