Pop Clouds E-Liquid New Flavors



Pop Clouds E-Liquid New Flavors introduces 9 new flavors to follow up their successful launch of watermelon candy E-Liquid in 60ml bottle sizes. These new flavors include strawberry candy E-Liquid, tropical punch candy E-Liquid, green apple candy E-Liquid, grape candy E-Liquid, cherry candy E-Liquid, crush candy E-Liquid, blue razz candy E-Liquid, and cotton candy E-Liquid. The entire pop clouds E-Liquid line combining  watermelon candy E-Liquid is now complete with 10 excellent candy flavors.

At Premium Vape Supply we have reviewed these flavors to provide our favorite three new flavors from pop clouds E-Liquid although we believe you should give them all a try. Let’s begin our countdown:

  •  Grape Candy E-Liquid by Pop Clouds E-Liquid. This new flavor reminded us of another delicious grape vape called grape drank E-Liquid by ruthless e juice. Moreover we believe this grape rendition of one of your favorite candy flavors will exceed your expections.
  •  Tropical Punch Candy E-Liquid by Pop Clouds E-Liquid. Almost our favorite of the entire pop clouds line, tropical punch candy E-Liquid gives you a nice blend that mixes fruit with candy to give you a vape that will deliver excellent flavor. Cotton Candy E-Liquid by Pop Clouds E-Liquid. Cotton Candy E-Liquid managed to edge out Tropical Punch Candy E-Liquid, but not by much!
  • Cotton Candy E-Liquid tops off the Pop Clouds E-Liquid new flavors by releasing a delightful cotton candy flavor that will take you back to your days of strolling at the fair with one of your favorite candy desserts transformed into your next all day vape.

You can find all 10 of these great flavors HERE.