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Alternativ E-Liquid is brought to you by Marina Vape. Alternativ introduces a 100ml line up of five sweet, fruit-themed candy flavors that will definitely satisfy your guilty pleasure cravings.

Established in 2015, Marina Vape produces over 20 E-liquid lines consisting of 50 flavors. Their flagship line that has put them on the map, Donuts E-Juice, released late 2015 with Strawberry, PBLS, and Blueberry Donuts. Since then, they have released other successful lines such as Marshmallow Man, Milkshake Man, That Thai Tea Tho, and Honey Bear. At Premium Vape Supply we’re proud to offer you these and many more prominent Marina Vape flavors in value packed 60ml, and 120ml options.

*Alternative 3mg and 6mg are Nicotine Salt.

Alpha – A fruit candy blend of sweet red apples and juicy grapes with a blast of cool menthol.

Beta – A fruit candy creation of sweet and tart granny smith apples with juicy peaches and a cool menthol finish.

Delta – A fruit candy mix of ripe strawberries and juicy watermelon with a menthol twist.

Iota – A tropical fruit candy blend of sweet mangoes and juicy peaches with a cool menthol blast.

Omega – A fruit candy blend of ripe strawberries, refreshing lemonade, and tangy pineapples with an added menthol twist.