ANML Vapors Logo

Curated by one of the highly renowned juice makers in the world, ANML Vapors developed as a premium E-Liquid line by Phillip Rocke. Featuring three excellent flavors in Looper, Carnage, and Fury, ANML Vapors caters to your tastes buds of yesteryear including your favorite strawberry candies and breakfast cereal flavors. All three flavors are crafted with the precision and care of Phillip Rocke’s meticulous juice making, you’ll be sure to enjoy the entire line.

Looper – A perfect pairing of breakfast fruit cereal with creamy milk enhancing the flavor notes.

Carnage – Clash of richly refined strawberry candies to create a silky smooth sweetness.

Fury – Beautifully blended sweet notes of sugary cereal with a touch of creamy milk.

Unleashed Series:

Reaver – A perfect tropical smoothie blended consisting of strawberry, coconut, and pineapple topped off with rich cream.

Grizzly – A classic dessert snack consisting of a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie dunked into ice cold milk.

Thrasher – A delicious, sweet fresh peach flavored taffy candy with creamy sweetness in the middle.

Slash – A freshly-baked, rich, vanilla custard pie with tangy lemon zest and graham cracker outer shell.

Wolfpack – A delectable blend of rich cream with sweet raspberries topped with a touch of citrus.

Aero – A fresh-out-the-fryer funnel cake topped with strawberry chunks all covered in powdered sugar.