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ANML Vapors is crafted and brought to you from sunny Southern California. World renowned juice maker Phillip Rocke had already made a name for himself with Grand Reserve and Gemini before cementing his legacy with this line-up. Few brands in existence today can match the degree of quality that comes with every bottle. ANML launched with three flavors including Fury, Carnage and Looper, before releasing it’s follow up line ANML Unleashed. Carnage earned many fans with it’s true to life rendition of red licorice while Fury is a tasty take on sugar coated flaky cereal bits. Many vape enthusiasts are constantly jumping from one cereal vape juice to another, looking for that one e-liquid which will take them down memory lane. Luckily for all of us, it’s no longer necessary to settle for just any cereal vape. Looper E-Liquid by ANML might just be the most popular breakfast cereal vape juice in the world and with good reason. The perfectly blended fruity cereal with a chilled milk finish has been captivating newcomers and vape enthusiasts alike since it was initially released back in 2015. Philip Rocke worked for months to create his masterpiece and the results have been evident. Instantly recognizable for it’s classic octopus logo, it has received countless best in show awards with consistent sales for years. As one of the most successful brands in vaping history, Looper e-juice and the rest of the ANML Vapors line-up is an absolute must try. Whether you are a long time fan or looking to experience them for the first time, we are excited to offer these products in convenient selections including 60ml and 120ml. Mouth to lung users should be sure to check out ANML Salts, where the famous ANML Vapors flavors have been faithfully presented in salt nicotine form. At Premium Vape Supply we are pleased to bring you these impeccably crafted ANML products at the best pricing available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping service you have come to expect.

Looper – The ultimate fruity cereal blend drenched in rich creamy milk and all rounded off with a slight touch of lemon.