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Bad Drip Labs

Bad Drip Labs and Clown Premium Liquids are brought to you from Rochester, New York. Bad Drip Labs, originally established in 2014, introduces two very unique juice brands each with their own style of packaging and flavors. Clown Liquids, using matte finish shiny labeling of graphic cartoon sketch clowns, brings you five delicious flavors suiting your vaping preferences. Bad Drip Labs, utilizing a unique prescription medicine-like casing for their e-liquid bottles, offers decadent flavors that will keep you yearning for more. Bad Drip also manufactures Director’s Cut and Geeked Out 60ml line ups.

Bad Drip Labs :

God Nectar – A well-balanced fruit combination of tart passionfruit, sweet orange, juicy mango, and a hint of guava.

Don’t Care Bear – A delicious mixed colorful bag of sweet with sour gummy candy topped with textured sugar

Bad Blood – A pomegranate and mixed berries with a soft note of vanilla

Cereal Trip – Glazed Donuts with a fruity cereal topping dipped into cold milk

Farley’s Gnarly Sauce – A tangy kiwi mixed with ripe strawberries dipped in light bubblegum.

Farley’s Gnarly Sauce Iced – A tangy kiwi mixed with ripe strawberries dipped in light bubblegum with a cool menthol twist.

Ugly Butter – A unique blend of banana pudding with a hint of cinnamon sweetness.

Lemon Dead – A mouth-watering, sugary sweet hard lemon candy coated with a layer of sour sugar.

Geeked Out :

Block Head – Your favorite blue raspberry ice cold refreshment mashed together with sugary sweet cotton candy.

Brace Face – A delicious trifecta combination of ripe strawberries, juicy mangoes, and sweet peaches.

Dork Breath – A delightful blend of sweet, juicy watermelon chunks blended into refreshing lemonade.

Snot Shot – A blend of succulent red apple and sweet pear rounded off with a subtle touch of Kiwi tart.

Director’s Cut :

Damien – A delectable fruity sweet treat rendition of bubblegum infused with juicy pears and fresh melons.

Lost One – Your all-time favorite, nostalgic, lip-smacking, sweet and tart blue raspberry candy.

Nanceys New Nightmare – A crisp Belgian Waffle drizzled with salted caramel and topped with a sprinkle of pecans and hazelnuts.

My Undead Girlfriend – A sweet, mouthwatering hard candy blend perfectly balancing apple, strawberry, and pineapple.

Devil Inside – A delicious fruity blend with juicy watermelon and an assortment of berries with a slight green apple tart.

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