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Banana Butt E-Liquids is brought to you from the makers of Pop Clouds and Fryd Liquids.

Banana Butt presents a pair of sweet banana bakery dessert flavors have been earning their all day vape status since 2015. Easily recognizable for their humorous names, the high quality of their flavor is, on the other hand, no laughing matter. While the names may turn heads, the unmistakable mastery of the banana niche makes an even bigger mark. Arguably the brand who took banana vape flavors mainstream, Banana Butt comes to you from the same team of mixologists who brought you the hit Pop Clouds and Fryd Liquids line-ups.  Reminiscent of a homemade baked goods, in both a cookie form and banana cream pie, this pair is responsible for creating banana fans out of countless vape enthusiasts. Now is the perfect time to discover why Banana Butt is the most recognized banana flavor available, and see how it has been able to make banana one of the most popular flavor niches in the vape world.  We are pleased to be able to offer you both Banana Butt flavors at the best prices available while enjoying the industry leading customer support and shipping service which has made Premium Vape Supply your one-stop shop for buying vape juice online.

Right Cheek – A delicious warm fresh out-of-the oven banana cream pie with a flaky textured oatmeal cookie crust.

Left Cheek – A delicious warm fresh out-of-the oven banana nut cookie infused with sweet pieces of banana treats.