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Beard Vape Co was grown from a small vape shop in Venice, California, two brothers and a friend decided to craft e-liquid superior to what they were selling. With their ambition to create one of the best e-liquid lines in the market, the trio made almost a 100 flavors in the course of several months, assigning different numbers to each one. Each flavor was set out to be tasted at the vape shop and the hype began to grow. After receiving feedback within the weeks of the trial period, the trio was able to narrow it down to their flagship vape juice flavors. Beard Vape Co kept their grassroots by continuing to label each e-liquid with their original number as the selection grew. Come see why Beard Vape Co has a flavor suitable for you! At Premium Vape Supply we’re please to carry Beard Vape Co in 60ml and 120ml bottles.

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No 00 – A delicious stimulating combination of cappuccino with the right balance of tobacco.

No 05 – A tasty rendition of a freshly-baked classic New York style cheesecake topped off with fresh strawberry bits.

No 24 – Salted caramel malt! Sweet rich notes of caramel drizzled over savory malt, sprinkled with a twist of salt.

No 32 – A freshly-made dessert in a perfectly drizzled cinnamon funnel cake, straight from the carnival and into your vape!

No 42 – A delicious, cold, fruit medley in a cup topped with a drizzle of sweet whip cream

No 64 – Fresh blue raspberry candy with a unique tarty lemon hibiscus twist to round the flavor off!

No 71 – A fresh batch of sweet and slightly sour succulent juicy peaches with a unique tart twist!

No 99 – A delicious take on freshly-made dessert lemon cookie infused with raspberry filling.