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Beard Vape Co. was born in a vape shop, in Venice, California. Two brothers and a friend decided to craft e-liquid superior to what was currently available in their store. With their ambition to create the best e-juice line on the market, the trio made almost a 100 vape flavors over the course of several months. Assigning different numbers to each one, each flavor was set out to be tasted at the vape shop and the hype began to grow. Based upon the overwhelming feedback, the trio was able to narrow it down to their flagship vape juice flavors. Instantly recognizable for their no frills numbering system, No. 32 from Beard Vape Co. in particular has gained a worldwide following for it’s perfectly blended cinnamon funnel cake. The unique numbering system caught on and today you may recognize No. 24 as the classic salted caramel malt, or No. 42 as a fruit cup medley with whipped cream. Salt Nicotine users are not left out either as Beard Salt has introduced the classic flavor lineup in mouth to lung form. With a certain flair for incredible baked good vape flavors, Beard Vape Co. promises to deliver a classic vape juice with an old school vibe. At Premium Vape Supply we are pleased to carry the entire Beard Vape Co. selection at the best prices available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping that you have come to expect.

Be sure to check out The One, Beard’s excellent follow up to these classic flavors!

No 00 – A delicious stimulating combination of cappuccino with the right balance of tobacco.

No 05 – A rendition of a classic New York style cheesecake topped off with fresh strawberry bits.

No 24 – A rich caramel drizzled over savory malt, sprinkled with a twist of salt to top it off!

No 32 – A rendition of a perfectly drizzled cinnamon funnel cake, a delightful carnival classic!

No 71 – A fresh batch of sweet and slightly sour succulent juicy peaches with a unique tart twist!