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Big Cheap Bottle is brought to you by Vape Breakfast Classics. Big Cheap Bottle introduces four delicious candy and dessert flavors that are mixed together with a fruity blend in a 120ml chubby gorilla bottle.

Vape Breakfast Classics made their entrance into the vape industry late 2015 with their introduction of the Pancake Man E-Liquid. Rivaling other breakfast flavors on the market, Vape Breakfast Classics brought a marketing appeal including colorful decorative packing with value packed bottle sizes. Each flavor is well known in the vape industry through the unique character along with a color scheme representing the  flavor. Vape Breakfast Classics now includes a full line up of e-liquids with various sizes ranging from 60ml to 120ml flavor selections appealing to all flavor profiles through creative breakfast blends.

BCB Gummies – A fruity chewy gummy candy blending all the sugary sweet notes to perfection.

BCB Apple – A juicy candy apple blended together with a sweet and delicious caramel drizzle.

BCB Strawberry – A vanilla ice cream blended together with sweet strawberries for a creamy and fruity mix.

BCB Donut – A delicious glazed donut topped off with a layer of cereal for a delightful combination.