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BLVK Unicorn E-Juice is manufactured and brought to you from sunny Southern California. Established in 2016, BLVK Unicorn hit the scene with a delicious portfolio of vape juice flavors that instantly become fan favorites. With a wide range of profiles from fruity sweet treat blends to renditions of your favorite cereals BLVK has created one of the most well rounded brands ever produced. BLVK Unicorn E-Juice introduces such hits as UniLoop and UniChew which continue to impress thanks to their true to life flavor production. Not content to stop there, the WYTE series comes in strong to satisfy those who prefer a bit more of a dessert experience with their all day vape. Looking for an icy blast? BLVK is here to satisfy with the FRZN series. A delectable assortment of icy fruit, this is a lineup which is sure to take the temperature down. Tobacco fans are not left out either, as BLVK has created an array of complex tobacco flavors sure to satisfy any aficionado. No matter if you crave a spot on fruit experience, an icy pick me up or a laid back relaxing tobacco experience, BLVK Unicorn is sure to deliver. Mouth to lung users should be sure to check out BLVK Unicorn Salt, where BLVK has brilliantly transferred some of their best selling flavors into salt nicotine form. At Premium Vape Supply we are excited to offer the entire range of BLVK Unicorn E-Juice products at the best prices available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping you have come to expect.

BLVK Series:

VNLA Custard – The ultimate combination of rich, creamy, custard dessert blended to excellence with sweet vanilla.

CRMY Strawberry – A delicious take on a strawberry shortcake dessert layered in sweet cream and sprinkled with graham cracker bits.

PRPL Grape – A mix of sweet, juicy, purple grapes blended to perfection with subtle hints of fruit medley.

UniDew – A succulent honeydew melon mixed with sweet berries to bring a delicious and smooth taste.

UniLoop – Your favorite breakfast cereal with the perfect sweet balance mixed together with delicious dried fruit.

UniApple – A ripe, juicy, hand-picked Fuji Apple with the perfect amount of sweetness with a slight hint of tartness.

UniChew – A soft chewy sweet with strawberry juiciness in the middle that satisfies your sweet treat cravings.

WYTE Series:

UniCake – A delicious fresh-out-of-the-oven, soft crumb cake infused with sweet and tart blueberries.

UniCoco – A summertime tropical blend of refreshing coconut milk with a hint of sweet juicy pears.

UniNuts – A scoop of creamy vanilla bean ice cream covered with a layer of crushed almond bits.

Frzn (Menthol) Series:

FrznBerry – A batch of ripened sweet strawberries combined with a refreshing, cool menthol finish.

FrznMango – A bowl of freshly-diced, juicy, sweet mangoes with a refreshing, cool menthol finish.

FrznApple – A sweet and tangy blend of granny smith apples combined with a refreshing, cool menthol finish.

FrznChee – A sweet, exotic lychee fruit with a slight tart combined with a refreshing, cool menthol finish.

Bold (Tobacco) Series:

Caramel – A rich, full-flavored tobacco blended to perfection with silky-smooth caramel.

Cuban Cigar – A rendition of a well-refined Cuban cigar blended with a light touch of creamy vanilla.

Pistachio – A full-flavored tobacco blended with pistachio notes and rounded off with a touch of menthol.