Cali Steam Logo

Cali Steam is brought to you from Los Angeles, California. Established in 2015, Cali Steam set forth to develop accurate and delicious flavor profiles with excellent cloud production. With a spectrum of blends from fruit combinations to desserts and even cereal, Cali Steam has a flavor profile that will satisfy every vaper. Each flavor comes housed in a graphically appealing box with an easy to use chubby gorilla bottle. At Premium Vape Supply we’re committed to carrying the best flavors from the Cali Steam lineups at a value-packed price.

Toucan – The ultimate breakfast rendition of your favorite fruit assortment dunked into cold milk.

TropiCali – A tropical medley of strawberry, mango, pineapple with a hint of kiwi and pomegranate.

Cali Girls – A mouth-watering rendition of your favorite guilty pleasure sweet watermelon hard sweet treats.