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Chubby Bubble Vapes is manufactured and brought to you by Mod Fuel.  Launched in 2015 from the great state of Michigan, Chubby Bubble Vapes introduces a juicy selection of bubblegum inspired vape juice flavors that will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. With a variety of fruit flavored bubblegum blends ranging from apple to melon, Chubby Bubble Vapes has created the ultimate bubble gum sweet treat in vape form! Chubby Bubble Vapes established their impressive reputation with cult classic bubblegum e-liquids like Bubble Razz and Bubble Purp. Chubby Bubbles has since expanded their selection to appeal to fans of many other popular fruits. Bubble Strawberry, Bubble Melon and Bubble Apple come to provide fill out the more straightforward profiles and combine Chubby’s signature bubblegum base with carefully crafted fruits. Those who prefer a bit more complexity in their vape juice flavors are not left out either. Bubble Mystery provides a delightful blend of mixed fruits, perfectly infused with bubblegum. Want to take a chewy trip to a tropical island? Check out Bubble Tropic for a summery mix of tropical fruits which will make you feel like blowing bubbles under a palm tree. Chubby Bubbles Vapes deserves a great deal of credit for beginning the bubblegum craze. If you have been searching for a sweet, fruity and lip-smacking bubblegum flavor then you will be spoiled by the number of amazing options from Chubby Bubbles Vapes. At Premium Vape Supply we’re pleased to offer you these vape juice flavors in value packed 60m and 120ml chubby bottles. Come check out the hype and enjoy your next favorite bubble gum vape!

Bubble Purp – Sweet bubble gum mixed with purple grapes to give you a luscious pairing of delight.

Bubble Razz – Sweet bubble gum with a combination of blue raspberries to give you the ultimate experience.

Bubble Strawberry – Sweet bubble gum with a delicious combination of juicy strawberries.

Bubble Mystery – Sweet bubble gum blended with a well-balanced medley of delectable fruits.

Bubble Tropic – A sweet bubble gum with an assortment of your favorite summer tropical fruits.

Bubble Melon – A sweet bubble gum rendition blended to perfection with mouth-watering watermelon.

Bubble Apple – Sweet bubble gum with a hint of green apple tart to round off a delicious combination.