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Clown Liquids

Bad Drip Labs E liquid and Clown Premium Liquids are brought to you from Rochester, New York. Bad Drip Labs E Liquid, originally established in 2014, introduces two very unique juice brands each with their own style of packaging and flavors. Clown Liquids, using matte finish shiny labeling of graphic cartoon sketch clowns, brings you five delicious flavors suiting your vaping preferences. Bad Drip E liquids, utilizing a unique prescription medicine-like casing for their e liquid bottles, offers decadent flavors that will keep you yearning for more. Bad Drip also manufactures The Wierdos Creamery 30ml and Director’s Cut 60ml line ups.

Skitzo E Liquid – A delicious juicy green apple drenched to perfection with sweet, sticky, thick caramel.

Laffy E Liquid -Sweet notes of fresh blueberry with sweet grape taffy candy.

Pennywise E Liquid – Strawberry bubblegum mixed with watermelon taffy candy.

Sweet Tooth – A silky smooth textured cotton candy with sweet raspberry notes.

Splitz E Liquid – A banana split sundae with a delicious custard twist.

Twisty E Liquid – Creamy yogurt mixed with fresh raspberries.

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