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Coil Glaze E-Liquids is brought to you by Gilla manufacturing. Gilla manufactures and houses a product portfolio of over a dozen brands.

Coil Glaze E-Liquids was developed in 2016 and hit the ground running with the launch of it’s first flavor of the line up, Honey Bunz. Utilizing a pastry based theme, Coil Glaze has infused various popular flavors to create a line up of delectable dessert treats. Since the launch of Honey Bunz, they’ve added three more flavors including pastry flavor profiles such as blueberry, strawberry, and apple. All four flavors come in value-packed 60ml unicorn bottles housed in well-designed sealed boxes. At Premium Vape Supply we’re pleased to carry the best of their selection.

These Lemonz – A fresh-out-of-the oven, dense vanilla pound cake topped with a rich creamy lemon glaze.

Honey Bunz – Your favorite warm, chewy cinnamon pastry topped with a delicious layer of honey glaze icing.

Whipped Dreamz –  A delicious, soft vanilla cake infused with strawberry cream and topped with whip cream.

Berry Bluez – A blueberry pastry dessert covered in powdered sugar and topped off with whip cream.

Them Applez – A fresh out-of-the-oven baked cobbler infused with apple cinnamon and topped with whip cream.