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Crown E-Liquid is manufactured and brought to you by Gilla manufacturing, the makers of Coil Gaze E-Liquids. Crown E-Liquid introduces a wide selection of affordable vape juice with over 35 flavor profiles. Each flavor comes in an easy-to-use, tamperproof, 30ml chubby bottle for convenience. Crown gives vapers the option to buy high quality, affordable vape juice without the size commitment. Try great variety of flavors at a value-packed price in smaller size bottles! With categories like candies, desserts, fruits, drinks, menthols, and tobaccos, Crown is sure to have the vape juice you desire! At Premium Vape Supply we’re pleased to offer the best of the best from the Crown E-Liquid gold and silver line up.

12 – A well-balanced sweet and sour blend combining tart blueberries, fresh raspberries, and juicy strawberries.

13 – A simple yet delightful tropical fruit mix of freshly squeezed juicy mangoes with a creamy finish.

30 – A classic, fluffy summer-time carnival sweet treat in a melt-in-your-mouth cotton candy.

33 – A juicy rendition of your favorite chewy candy infused with a sweet gooey fruit medley.

35 – A tasty rendition of your favorite assorted candy with the perfect balance of sweet and sour.

52 – A dessert drink classic in a scoop of vanilla ice cream dunked inside a cool glass of fizzing root beer.

53 – A sweet, cold convenience store favorite classic in slushy blue raspberry refreshment.

60 – A simple yet tasty dessert in a rich, creamy scoop of milky vanilla ice cream on a cone.

62 – A freshly-made creamy dessert cake layered with cheese and a graham cracker crust.

63 – A rich creamy blend of strawberry and vanilla ice cream yielding the ultimate dessert shake.

64 – A guilty pleasure snack in a spoonful plunged into delicious cake batter with a rich undertone of vanilla cream.

65 – A delicious rendition of a freshly-made, warm doughnut coated in sugary sweet glaze.

66 – A freshly-out-the-oven, sugary-sweet sugar cookie with a top layer of vanilla frosting.