Director's Cut Logo

Director’s Cut is brought to you Bad Drip Labs. If you haven’t picked up on the themes which Bad Drip Lab has chosen to represent it’s signature flavors, then Director’s Cut will provide a big hint. An homage to classic horror films both past and recent, Director’s Cut presents a lineup of sweet treat and dessert flavored vape juice including Damien and Nancey’s New Nightmare that are sure to please. Damien leads the pack and unlike the creepy character who inspires the name, it’s melon and pear infused bubblegum is sure to brighten your day. Lost One presents yet another option for the sweet treat crowd with it’s sweet and tart raspberry confectionery. For those looking for sweet apple comes Devil Inside, which provides a sugary sensation of watermelon and berries. No matter which horror film themed vape juice you choose, we’re sure that this selection of creepy yet delicious e-juice will leave you craving more.

Bad Drip Labs premium vape juice brands are manufactured and brought to you from Rochester, New York. Bad Drip Labs, was established in 2014, offering a series of line-ups including it’s namesake Bad Drip, Clown Liquids , Director’s Cut ,and Geeked Out. Each vape juice brand has its own style of graphically sophisticated, horror-inspired gothic esque graffiti artwork. Bad Drip E-liquids is best recognized for it’s signature pill bottle inspired packaging. Top flavors include God Nectar and Bad Blood, and helped propel Bad Drip Labs into worldwide status. Clown Liquids represents a worthy follow up and artfully depicts classic horror themed clowns. While the artwork is top quality, the flavor is even better. Pennywise is world famous for it’s delicious rendition of a strawberry watermelon bubblegum, and is sure to cure your lifelong fear of clowns. With Director’s Cut, Bad Drip Labs hearkens back to it’s love for horror film in it’s usual graphic novel art style. Don’t miss Devil Inside or Damien, for their sweet and fruity homage to classic horror movies. Geeked Out takes the Bad Drip Labs signature art style and presents a dark comedy themed e-liquid line, headlined by Brace Face and Block Head. With an abundance of fruit combinations, dessert offerings, and sweet treats, Bad Drip Labs has a vast offering of premium e-liquid flavors that will leave you yearning for more! Come see why the Bad Drip selection has consistently outperformed other e-liquid brands and established themselves at the upper echelon of e-liquid manufacturing.  At Premium Vape Supply we’re pleased to offer the entire Bad Drip, Clown Liquids, Director’s Cut, and Geeked Out brands in value-packed 60ml and 120ml bottles.

Damien – A delectable fruity sweet treat rendition of bubblegum infused with juicy pears and fresh melons.

Lost One Cold Blooded – A rendition of a lip-smacking, sweet and tart blue raspberry candy with cool menthol finish.

Lost One – Your all-time favorite, nostalgic, lip-smacking, sweet and tart blue raspberry candy.

Nanceys New Nightmare – A crisp Belgian Waffle drizzled with salted caramel and topped with a sprinkle of pecans and hazelnuts.

My Undead Girlfriend – A sweet, mouthwatering hard candy blend perfectly balancing apple, strawberry, and pineapple.

Devil Inside – A delicious fruity blend with juicy watermelon and an assortment of berries with a slight green apple tart.