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Donuts E-Juice by Marina Vape is brought to you from Los Angeles. Established in 2015, Marina Vape produces over 20 E-liquid lines consisting of 50 flavors. Their flagship line that has put them on the map, Donuts E-Juice, released late 2015 with Strawberry, PBLS, and Blueberry Donuts. Since then, they have released other successful lines such as Marshmallow Man, Milkshake Man, That Thai Tea Tho, and Honey Bear. At Premium Vape Supply we’re proud to offer you these and many more prominent Marina Vape flavors in value packed 60ml, and 120ml options.

Strawberry Donuts – A glazed donut filled with strawberry jam with refreshing cold milk.

PBLS Donuts – A sprinkled donut mixed with your favorite fruity cereal.

Blueberry Donuts – A blueberry glazed donut with refreshing cold milk.

Marshmallow Man – A sweet creamy custard mix that gives you a smooth marshmallow vape

Marshmallow Man 2 – A campfire toasted sweet creamy custard mix that gives you a gooey marshmallow taste in every puff.

Strawberry Milkshake Man – A fusion of fresh strawberries with blended ice cream and milk to make the perfect strawberry milkshake!

Blueberry Milkshake Man – A mix of fresh blueberry with blended ice cream and milk to create the perfect blueberry milkshake!

That Thai Tea Tho – A beautiful blend of a sweet thai tea mixed with a dense, creamy, condensed milk flavor.

Honey Bear – Your favorite graham crackers shaped like teddy bears with a light touch of honey.

Marshmallow Man 3 – A rich creamy custard blended with marshmallows and delectable strawberry chunks.

Glazed Kronuts – A delicious combination of a croissant and sweet glazed donut that’s dunked in a cold glass of milk.

Choco Donuts – A fresh-out-the-oven glazed donut covered in rich chocolate that’s dunked into a cold glass of milk.

Alpha Vape Series:

Dude – A tropical delight blending juicy peaches and sweet mangoes with a touch of pineapple.

Mr Miyagi – A one-of-a-kind delicious blend of ripe juicy plums with a subtle hint of papaya.