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Dystopian Drip Angel E Liquid

Dystopian Drip Angel E Liquid began in mid 2016, and they have one goal in mind, to bring you some of the best strawberry flavored e liquids you will ever try. Dystopian Drip Angel E Liquids specializes in only creating strawberry flavored e liquids. If you love strawberry flavored e liquids then there e liquid line up is a must! They have 5 flagship flavors that have hit the market by storm, and here at Premium Vape Supply we are proud to offer you their entire line up in 240ml bottles.

Da Berry Bubbly E Liquid – A ripe strawberry that has been infused with a very bubbly champagne.

Doz Berry Marshmallowz E Liquid – Sweet vanilla crispy treat dessert that has been dipped in decadent strawberry cream!

Da Berry Troof E Liquid – An infusion of ripe strawberries blended with vanilla, almonds, and milk.

Dat Crumble Berry E Liquid – Strawberry jam mixed with crumbled oats!

Dat Berry Figgin Newton E Liquid -Sweet strawberry jam inside of a pastry like bread.

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