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Flakes E-Liquid comes to you from Kennesaw, Georgia. Headlined by Sugary Flakes, Flakes E-Liquid brings you a varied selection of flaky cereal in milk, sure to have you reminiscing of a classic morning breakfast.  The combination of creamy milk and cereal bits is not a new phenomenon in the vapor world, but is one that has attracted legions of fans. The team at Flakes E-liquid has analyzed and brought you what may be the most accurate representation of a delectable breakfast cereal yet. Those who are seeking a bit of fruit with their morning vape experience will be excited by the strawberry and banana variants, which each introduce a distinctive sliced fruit to the sweet cereal base. If you are searching for the perfect balance between rich vanilla milk and sweet sugary cereal, Flakes E-Liquid is an absolute go to. There is no better time than now to discover the expertly blended cereal vape juice that has been captivating flavor enthusiasts since the moment it was released. At Premium Vape Supply we are excited to offer Flakes E-Liquid at the best prices available and with the superior customer support and shipping you have come to expect.

Strawberry Flakes – A rendition of a classic breakfast cereal in a bowl of milk accompanied by ripe summer strawberries.

Sugary Flakes – A sweet and creamy rendition of your favorite sugar coated flakey cereal in a bowl of rich vanilla milk.