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FRYD E-Liquids come to you from sunny southern California. FRYD E-Liquids presents a lineup of impossibly indulgent fried pastry desserts, including the instant vape classic Fried Banana. A long legacy of excellence precedes the California based team of vape juice specialists, as is evidenced by a steady stream of hits, most notably the Twist E-Liquids line-up. As one of the first companies to debut in twin pack 60mls, this team of dessert experts have managed to combine exquisitely balanced flavor alongside incredible value. Robust flavor production is a distinctive trait of this well rounded lineup, masterfully blending their signature fried pastry base with a number of creamy and savory toppings. The result is a varied and well thought out assortment of vape juice flavors from fried vanilla cream cake all the way to fried ice cream. Designed specifically to invoke the spirit of a mid-summer fair, these indulgences are able to provide all the satisfaction with absolutely none of the guilt. Now is the perfect time to experience the high quality flavor and value which has helped to propel FRYD E-Liquids into one of the top selling brands in the world. Prepare to treat yourself to a selection of decadent blends which are sure to be the perfect choice for the dessert lover in all of us. At Premium Vape Supply we are excited to offer the full range of FRYD E-Liquids products at the best prices available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping service you have come to expect.

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Fried Banana – Deep fried golden banana slices with buttery cream all drizzled with butterscotch and sprinkled cracker bits.

Fried Cream Cookie – Your favorite cookie snack deep fried with delicious chocolate and sweet cream filling.

Fried Cream Cake – Your favorite dessert pastry infused with rich decadent vanilla cream filling.

Fried Ice Cream – A tasty fried vanilla ice cream dessert that will keep you coming back for more!

Fried Funnel Cake – A rendition of the classic carnival dessert, fried dough batter smothered in sweet powdered sugar.