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Geeked Out is brought to you by Bad Drip Labs. Geeked Out introduces a delicious line-up of fruity combinations blended together with a variety sweet treat delights.

Bad Drip Labs premium vape juice brands are manufactured and brought to you from Rochester, New York. Bad Drip Labs, originally established in 2014, offers a series of line-ups including Clown Liquids , Director’s Cut , and Geeked Out. Each vape juice brand has its own style of graphically sophisticated, horror-inspired gothic esque graffiti artwork. With an abundance of fruit combinations, dessert offerings, and sweet treats, Bad Drip Labs has a vast offering of premium e-liquid flavors that will leave you yearning for more! Come see why the Bad Drip selection has consistently outperformed other e-liquid brands and established themselves at the upper echelon of e-liquid manufacturing.  At Premium Vape Supply we’re pleased to offer the entire Bad Drip , Clown Liquids , Director’s Cut , and Geeked Out brands in value-packed 60ml and 120ml bottles.

Block Head – Your favorite blue raspberry ice cold refreshment mashed together with sugary sweet cotton candy.

Brace Face – A delicious trifecta combination of ripe strawberries, juicy mangoes, and sweet peaches.

Dork Breath – A delightful blend of sweet, juicy watermelon chunks blended into refreshing lemonade.

Snot Shot – A blend of succulent red apple and sweet pear rounded off with a subtle touch of Kiwi tart.