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Jam Monster Liquids is brought to you from Orlando, Florida. Jam Monster hit the ground running with two delicious breakfast variations mixing a fresh buttery toast with your choice of strawberry or blueberry jam. Jam Monster’s third flavor, Apple Jam, was set to launch at the 2017 ECC Expo in Detroit. Since then, they’ve continued the tradition of excellent flavor offerings with a menthol line up in Ice Monster along with Grape and Blackberry additions to their existing Jam Monster line up.  All of their flavors come in an easy-to-use 100ml Chubby Gorilla bottle inside of a flavor themed box.  At Premium Vape Supply we’re pleased to offer you all these great 100ml flavors at a value-added price. Jam Monster also produces the Custard Shoppe line-up and has teamed up with King’s Crest for the Cream Team line-up.

Strawberry Jam –  A freshly buttered piece of toast smothered with a delicious Strawberry jam.

Blueberry Jam – A freshly buttered piece of toast smothered with a sweet and slightly tart Blueberry jam.

Apple Jam – A freshly buttered piece of toast smothered with mouth-watering apple jam and a hint of cinnamon.

Grape Jam – A freshly buttered piece of toast smothered with lip-smacking, sweet grape jam.

Blackberry Jam – A freshly buttered piece of toast smothered with tasty, ripe blackberry jam.

Raspberry Jam – A freshly buttered piece of toast smothered with lip-smacking raspberry jam.

Mixed Berry Jam – A freshly buttered piece of toast with an assortment of strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

PB Jam – A freshly buttered piece of toast topped with peanut butter and sweet grape jam.

Ice Monster Series:

Strawmelon Apple – A sweet fruit trifecta of strawberry, watermelon, and apple finished off with a cool menthol blast.

Mangerine Guava – A delicious blend of sweet mangoes, tangy tangerines, fresh guavas, and a cool menthol finish.

Melon Colada – A tropical blend of juicy melons, sweet pineapples, refreshing coconuts and a menthol blast.

Custard Shoppe Series:

Blackberry Custard – A fresh-out-the-oven pie filled with creamy custard and fresh blackberries.

Butterscotch Custard – A fresh-out-the-oven custard-filled pie drizzled with rich butterscotch.

Raspberry Custard – A fresh-out-the-oven pie infused with creamy custard and fresh raspberries.

Cream Team Series:

Buttercream – Your favorite guilty pleasure dessert topping in rich, fluffy, sweet buttercream.

Cinnaroll – A melt-in-your-mouth, cinnamon roll dessert treat topped with creamy vanilla ice cream.

Neapolitan – The ultimate ice cream trifecta of creamy vanilla, sweet strawberry, and decadent chocolate.