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Jazzy Boba is brought to you by SaveurVape. As a California based company, SaveurVape has striven to blur the lines between outstanding quality e-juice and a laid back lifestyle. Few releases are able to impart the west coast way of life and spirit quite like this lineup in particular. Jazzy Boba is a rendition of a classic west coast jasmine boba tea. Once considered a hidden treasure most easily found in trendy California neighborhoods, SaveurVape has ensured that this sweet delicious fruity treat can be enjoyed anywhere. First released in the latter half of 2015, Jazzy Boba was released alongside the mango infused Manggo Boba and the honeydew centered Dewwy Boba. All quickly became best sellers and remain so today. Sporting brand new packaging, the classic flavors continue to grow in popularity and inspire new boba tea fans worldwide. If you are searching for the perfect exotic dessert, part milkshake, part smoothie and one-hundred percent delicious, look no further than Jazzy Boba. With this impressive afternoon delight, SaveurVape has once again reminded us why they are considered one of the premier e liquid manufacturers in the world. At Premium Vape Supply we are pleased to offer Jazzy Boba products at the best prices available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping that you have come to expect.

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Jazzy Boba – A tasty rendition of your favorite boba milk tea blended to creamy perfection with a delightful jasmine aroma.

Manggo Boba – A rendition of your favorite boba milk tea with the perfect blend of juicy mangoes and creamy goodness.