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Killa Fruits E-Liquid is manufactured by LCF Labs and brought to you from sunny Southern California. Killa Fruits introduces a line up based off of mouth-watering flavor combinations that put a sweet touch on your favorite fruits. All flavors have been carefully crafted to provide the ultimate flavor packed experience possible. Imagine ripe, juicy fruits paired in well-balanced complimentary blends that are sure to keep you yearning for more! With Killa Fruits, you no longer have to only imagine, you can experience the incredible combinations that have been captivating fruit vape juice fanatics for years. From immensely popular profiles like blue raspberry and strawberry watermelon, all the way to unique blends like raspberry black cherry lemon and watermelon nectarine, it is hard to choose a favorite. The deliciousness doesn’t stop there. Be sure to check out the worthy follow up line Tasty Fruits. Bringing you a jaw dropping mash-up of popular flavors mixed to perfection, Tasty Fruits E-Liquid is a dream come true to fruit vape juice fans. Explore an expertly devised apple watermelon blend, peach kiwi or strawberry kiwi, and discover why the team at LCF Labs have earned their reputation for crafting world-class fruit blends. Looking for menthol? Tasty Fruits has you covered with menthol fruit options that stand tall among the rest. All Killa Fruits and Tasty Fruits flavors come in a tamper-proof and easy-to use bottle packed to the brim with fruity goodness. At Premium Vape Supply we’re pleased to carry the full range of both Killa Fruits and Tasty Fruits at the best prices available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping service you have come to expect.

Blue Raspberry – a fruity sweet treat hybrid combination of your classic favorite sweet treat in blue raspberry.

Kiwi Strawberry – A refreshing combination of ripe strawberries blended to perfection with fresh kiwis.

Raspberry Black Cherry Lemon – A refreshing combination of black cherries and juicy raspberries finished with a touch of lemon.

Strawberry Acai – A smooth exotic blend fresh, ripe strawberries combined with juicy acai berries.

Watermelon Nectarine – A delicious summertime blend of ripe watermelon mixed with succulent nectarine.

Red Apple Peach – A mouth-watering combination of freshly-picked red apples and delightfully sweet juicy peaches.

Watermelon Strawberry – The ultimate summertime blend of sweet juicy watermelons combined with ripe strawberries.

Menthol Series:

Kiwi Strawberry Ice – An ice cold combination of ripe strawberries blended with fresh kiwis and a cool menthol blast.

Watermelon Strawberry Ice – An icy mix of juicy watermelons combined with ripe strawberries and a cool menthol finish.