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Kilo E-Liquids presents it’s original five flavors in all of their glory. Most vape enthusiasts recognize Kilo as one of the founding fathers of modern day vape juice, and for good reason. The impeccably blended Dewberry Cream and Kiberry Yogurt immediately became fan favorites for Kilo way back in 2014, and continue to impress today. Juice makers who have the ability to craft expert level dessert flavors tend to make a name for themselves. Dewberry Cream is the flavor that helped put Kilo E-Liquids on the map, a creative blend of honeydew cream, strawberry and blueberry. Kiberry Yogurt comes in as a close second and helped ignite the yogurt craze with it’s fresh blend of strawberry kiwi infused yogurt. Tru Blue presents a creamy blueberry cream, wowing flavor fanatics everywhere with it’s unique mix of sweet and tart. Cereal flavors have been taking over the market for years and we don’t expect that to end anytime soon. As one of the first cereal milks to hit the market, Cereal Milk has stood the test of time and has loyal fans the world over. Kilo’s original five flavors have become legendary, and for good reason. If you are in search of a home run selection of tried and true e-juice flavors look no further than Kilo E-Liquids.

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Kiberry Yogurt – A delicious yogurt cream that is infused with a blend of fresh strawberries and a dash of kiwi.

Dewberry Cream – An exquisite honeydew cream flavor with light hints of mixed strawberries and blueberries.

Cereal Milk – The perfect blend of your favorite crunch fruity cereal mixed in a bowl of ice cold milk.