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Kilo Moo Series is brought to you by Kilo E-Liquids. The demand for milk centric e-juice is ever growing and Kilo Moo Series presents a wide selection of creatively inspired milk based options for even the most demanding of vape enthusiasts. From coffee to almond, we’re positive that this unique assortment of flavor choices will intrigue and impress. Strawberry Milk from Kilo Moo Series proves once again that their superior ability to blend creamy vape juice is nearly unmatched. Not content to stick to basics, they follow up with Neapolitan Milk, a faithful rendition of the tri-colored strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Vanilla Almond Milk emerges as one of the fan favorites with it’s unique combination of vanilla and almond blended with Kilo’s signature milk base. Coffee Milk arrives to appeal directly to those vape enthusiasts who are seeking a distinct morning vape flavor to begin their day . Looking for a wonderfully smooth vape to enjoy a warm summer evening? Look no further than Kilo Moo Series Banana Milk, which gives a milky base to your favorite tropical fruit. Blueberry Milk rounds out the pack with it’s slightly tart blueberry, delicately blended with milk. With a wide variety of flavors and one of the most sought after milk base flavor in the world, Kilo Moo Series is not to be missed. At Premium Vape Supply we’re pleased to offer the Kilo Moo Series at the best prices available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping times you have come to expect.

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Coffee Milk – A rendition of freshly brewed, warm coffee with the perfect amount of vanilla and creamy milk.

Vanilla Almond Milk – A beautifully crafted almond, vanilla and milk blend.

Strawberry Milk – A delicious milky creamy custard that perfectly blends ripe strawberries.

Banana Milk – A delicious blend of sweet milk and fresh and ripe bananas.

Blueberry Milk –  A well crafted smooth mixture of ripe blueberries blended into refreshing, creamy cold milk.