Lost Art Liquids Logo

Lost Art Liquids is brought to you from Los Angeles, California. Lost Art is the creation of two vapers who are committed to the vape community through excellence with their products. Their brand theme is nostalgic 90s breakfast and candy flavors tasking you on a delightful trip through time. Lost Art Liquids strives for the highest manufacturing standards utilizing a sterile environment and producing with only the finest ingredients. At Premium Vape Supply we’re pleased to carry the entire Lost Art line up in value packed 120ml bottles.

Cottontail Cream – A strawberry and cream dessert blended together for a sweet and delightful taste

Space Rockz – A delightful strawberry and kiwi blended into your favorite sweet and sour candy.

Unicorn Puke – Your favorite rainbow ice cream dessert scooped into a mix of fruity blends.

Gummy Glu – A sweet gummy candy topped of with a sour coating giving it a sugary, tangy taste.

Mystery Flavor – A smooth fruity candy mix blended together for a delicious yet mysterious combination.

OGB Slotter Pop – Ice cold frozen raspberry candy loaded with delicious green apples and sweet oranges.

Slotter Pop – Ice cold frozen candy loaded with hand picked berries for a sweet, refreshing sensation.

Grape White – A white grape blended into a luscious apple giving it a sweet and citrus mix.