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Lost Fog Vapors is manufactured and brought to you by Cosmic Fog Vapors. Introducing four delicious dessert flavors offered in 30ml and 60ml options.

Cosmic Fog Vapor comes to you from beautiful Orange County, California. Utilizing their culinary experience to craft their E-Liquids, Cosmic Fog set out with the mission to create the most unique, thoroughly tested, and highest quality E-Liquids in the vape industry. As such, they spend an average of 7 – 10 months in the development and testing of their flavors to ensure flavors will stand the test of time. Cosmic Fog stands by the notion that their products are created, developed, and released as an exceptional all-day vape worthy for end users. Cosmic Fog also manufactures several other well-renowned brands such as Lost Fog and Liquid State.

Neon Cream – A delicious frosted ice cream sherbet blend featuring sweet raspberries, orange, and tangy lemon-lime.