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Milk King is brought to you by Dripmore , the makers of Candy King E-Juice and Cookie King. Milk King introduces a line-up of delectable milky dessert blends highlighted by rich, creamy goodness!

Candy King E-Juice is brought to you by Dripmore. Candy King introduces your favorite, flavor-packed, sweet treat candy flavors ranging from sweet and sour candy to juicy bubblegum. The entire selection of Candy King vape juice flavors are packed to the brim with a fruit-based sweet candy goodness and are also offered in an ice cold menthol series. These flavors will take you on an nostalgic trip while satisfying your guilty pleasure candy cravings. At Premium Vape Supply we offer the entire Candy King line-up in a value-packed, tamper-resistant, Chubby Gorilla 100ml bottles.

Cereal Milk – A rendition of a bowl of your favorite assorted fruity cereal drenched in rich, creamy milk.

Chocolate Milk – A tasty rendition of a freshly-stirred, cold glass of your favorite chocolate milk.

Honey Milk – A delicious rendition of a freshly-poured, cold glass of milk mixed with sweet honey.

Strawberry Milk – A delectable combination of fresh strawberries blended together with rich, creamy milk.