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Milk King is brought to you by Dripmore. Milk flavors have been one of the best selling niches of vape juice since the very beginning. With infamous flavors like Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood setting the trends way back in 2013, Dripmore has helped perfect the category with Milk King. One can’t miss the Strawberry Milk, a unique twist on the popular flavor profile, mixing together ripe strawberries with Dripmore’s signature milk milk base. Chocolate Milk is a faithful recreation of the do it yourself treat, with a sweet and authentic chocolate stirred into a glass of milk. Cereal Milk is a throwback to a Saturday morning staple; a delicious bowl of cool milk and assorted fruity cereal. Unique blends have long been a specialty of Dripmore, and they deliver again with the fabulous Honey Milk. A sweet honey infused blend of cool milk and sweet honey, Honey Milk has been capturing the attention of vapers everywhere who crave a sweet yet creamy vape juice blend. Whether it’s Strawberry Milk Or Chocolate Milk, the Milk King selection provides the perfect balance between sweet and creamy and combines with popular flavor profiles to create one of the most satisfying vape juice lineups available

Dripmore comes to you from sunny Southern California. Having made a huge name for itself with it’s 2015 release of Candy King, the team at Dripmore hasn’t slowed down. Their ability to make best selling vape juice flavors having been well recognized, they have turned their attention to covering the top selling flavor categories in vape. For the dessert fans of the world comes Cookie King, a faithful representation of your favorite cookies from Choco Cream to DVNK. Those that are attracted to the creamy and sweet sensation of milk based flavors are not left out either with Milk King to fill the void. Strawberry Milk, Honey Milk and Cereal Milk lead the way with refreshingly simple yet unbelievably tasty renditions of creamy milk blends. Dripmore has not missed the tropical fruit craze by any stretch as they show with their top notch Tropic King. Delivering a vast selection of exotic fruits like lychee, blackberry and black currant, those who are looking for a unique fruity twist for their daily vape will not be disappointed. From the unique Cucumber Cooler to the best selling Maui Mango, Dripmore has once again surpassed expectations with Tropic King. At Premium Vape Supply we are pleased to offer Dripmore e-juices at the best prices available, and with the industry leading customer support and shipping service you have come to love.

Cereal Milk – A rendition of a bowl of your favorite assorted fruity cereal drenched in rich, creamy milk.

Chocolate Milk – A tasty rendition of a freshly-stirred, cold glass of your favorite chocolate milk.

Honey Milk – A delicious rendition of a freshly-poured, cold glass of milk mixed with sweet honey.

Strawberry Milk – A delectable combination of fresh strawberries blended together with rich, creamy milk.