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Naked 100 Fusion is brought to you by Naked 100. Sweet treat flavored e liquid has been among the hotter trends in the vapor market recently. Green Lemon, Straw Lime and Triple Strawberry ensure that Naked 100 Fusion is able to satisfy any sweet treat e-liquid craving. Naked 100 Fusion brings together complementary sweet flavors to create mouthwatering blends that need to be tasted to be believed. Whether you fancy a tangy lime gummy, a strawberry bubblegum or a sweet and sour berry blend, Naked has the perfect choice for you. As they have proven many times over, Naked’s flavor expertise is second to none and these sweet flavors continue that trend. Come find out why Naked 100 Fusion is the perfect e juice for satisfying even the most demanding sweet tooth.

Naked 100 is brought to you from beautiful southern California. Naked has been creating best selling flavors for vape enthusiasts worldwide since it’s 2016 launch of The Schwartz. Since then they have continued to revolutionize the e-liquid market with it’s combination of award winning flavors and excellent attention to quality. Under the Naked 100 banner is a can’t miss selection of flavors designed to appeal to everyone. Leading the way with Really BerryHawaiian Pog, and Lava FlowNaked 100 launches blends combining your favorite fruits into perfection. The Naked 100 Cream lineup introduces a savory lineup of fruit cream blends which work to satisfy any dessert craving. The Naked 100 Fusion collection artfully combines fruits to deliver a fresh cocktail of flavor with every taste. For those that love a cool blast with every inhale, don’t miss the Naked 100 Menthol selection, which consists of icyversions of the Naked classics as well as several standalone flavors. Tobacco fans are not left out either with an array of Naked 100 Tobacco flavored vape juice which are perfect for those that look for a classic earthy experience. Naked 100 prides itself on adherence to strict quality standards and maintains an industry leading manufacturing facility in southern California. A heavy emphasis on marketing practices and label design has helped to cement Naked 100’s position as a responsible and long term manufacturer of a vast selection of top shelf e-liquids. No matter which flavor profiles are your favorite, Naked’s broad selection of award winning flavors have your next all day vape! At Premium Vape Supply we stock the entire selection of Naked products at the best prices available and with the industry leading support and shipping service you have come to expect.

Green Lemon – A mouth-watering, tangy, lime flavored gummy sweet treat sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Straw Lime – Your favorite berry-flavored chewy treat coated with lip-smacking sweet and sour sugar.

Triple Strawberry – Sweet, fruity bubble gum sweet treat infused with the perfect amount of strawberry deliciousness.