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Naked 100 Tobacco is brought to you by Naked 100.  Many of the top flavors from Naked 100 are known for their complex and creative blends of fruit, creams and more. For those looking for a more traditional twist on vape flavors, tobacco blends tend to be the perfect fit. The combination of an earthy taste combined with a sophisticated finish has long been a staple in the vaping market. Naked 100 Tobacco presents a variety of options to satisfy the traditionalist vaper. Naked 100 Tobacco brings the bold American Patriot, the lighter Euro Gold and the exotic Cuban Blend to satisfy a variety of tobacco tastes. With the growing popularity of tobacco flavors in the vape world has come a much wider selection. Naked stands out with these classic blends which remove much of the complication and present an authentically smooth experience. In addition to their outstanding flavors, Naked’s attention to quality is second to none. All Naked 100 Tobacco products are produced in a state of the art manufacturing facility in southern California. Come find out why Naked 100 Tobacco continues to gain new fans across the world with their expert level vape juice blends and outstanding value. At Premium Vape Supply we stock the entire selection of Naked 100 Tobacco products at the best prices available and with the industry leading support and shipping service you have come to expect.

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American Patriots  – A smooth and bold full-flavored tobacco that reminds you of the classic red analogs.

Euro Gold – A smooth light tobacco flavor that delivers a mild taste reminding you of a light analog.

Cuban Blend– A smooth, rich and bold mild blend with a fantastic cuban taste for those cigar lovers.