OPMH Project e-liquids are brought to you from Louisville, Kentucky. OPMH Project is one of the leading distributor and manufacturer of select, high end, proven vape juice flavors and brands. OPMH introduces a variety of line-ups including a tobacco series in Watson, a sweet treat delight selection in Sweet Works, a rendition of your favorite refreshment drinks in The Fountain. Each vape juice is crafted meticulously to perfection for the ultimate flavorful vape experience.  Come see why OPMH Project has a line-up that is sure to include your next all day vape e-juice! At Premium Vape Supply we’re pleased to carry entire line-ups of OPMH brands including Watson, Sweet Works, The Fountain, and more!

Watson Series:

Gold – A bold combination of full-flavored tobacco complemented with freshly roasted coffee.

OG – A richly crafted tobacco blend with a hybrid flavor combination of hand-rolled cigar and classic vanilla pipe tobacco.

Platinum – A delicious mix of rich, creamy butterscotch blended to perfection with full-flavored tobacco.

Rose Gold – The ultimate combination of delectable raspberries and rich full-flavored tobacco.

White Gold – A masterfully crafted blend combining rich cream with full-flavored tobacco.

Batter’d Series:

Blackberry Glazed Butter Cake – A freshly-baked butter cake mixed with vanilla and topped with blackberries.

Caramel Glazed Butter Cake – A freshly-baked butter cake mixed with vanilla and coated in rich caramel glaze.

Strawberry Glazed Butter Cake – A freshly-baked butter cake mixed with vanilla and topped with strawberries.

Real Deal Custard Series:

Churro – A rendition of creamy custard blended with a fried dessert pastry coated in sweet cinnamon sugar.

Lime – A rendition of rich, creamy custard dessert with a touch of tangy lime.

Original – A classic rendition of freshly-baked dessert treat made with rich, creamy custard.

Sweet Works Series:

Mango Rings – A lip-smacking rendition of your favorite mango sweet treat delight coated with sugary goodness.

Pink Star – A delicious flavorful rendition of your classic pink chewy sweet treat delight.

Red Flash – A flavor-packed rendition of your favorite chewy cherry sweet treat delight.

The Fountain Series:

Blast Off – A delightful rendition of a flavor-packed citrus soda with a blast of tropical limes.

Cherry Ice –  A delicious rendition of a sweet rainier cherry slush with a lip-smacking finish.

Coded – A sweet and tangy rendition of red soda slush refreshment with a citrus finish.

Heart Breaker Series:

Blue Raspberry – A mouth-watering take of your favorite hard sweet treat infused with blue raspberry.

Original – A tasty rendition of your favorite hard sweet treat packed with sugary goodness.

Sour Green Apple – A rendition of your favorite hard treat infused with sweet and tart green apple.

Strawberry Watermelon – A sweet rendition of your favorite hard sweet treat infused with strawberry and watermelon.