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Pop Clouds E-Liquids is manufactured and brought to you from sunny Southern California. Headlined by the hit Watermelon, Pop Clouds brings you a wide range of delicious sweet treats each paired with indulgent fruits. With fruit options ranging from a delightfully tart blue raspberry all the way to juicy grape, Pop Clouds has created a wide array of options for vape enthusiasts of all tastes. In addition to their famous sweet treat selection, Pop Clouds has zeroed in on their stellar watermelon blend, and have even more up their sleeve. Watermelon Fiesta brings their hit watermelon blend into the sweet and sour space, even going as far as to meld it with bubble gum to create the ultimate in lip smacking flavor! The Pop Clouds E-Liquids selection is a must try for all sweet treat vape juice lovers. Salt nicotine fans are not left out either, as the best of their delicious sweet treat options have been faithful reproduced in mouth to lung form with Pop Clouds Salts. At Premium Vape Supply we are pleased to offer the entire Pop Clouds Liquids selection at the best prices available and with the industry leading shipping and customer support you have come to expect.

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Watermelon – A rendition of your favorite sweet treat blended to perfection with mouth-watering watermelon.

Cotton Fluff – A delightful rendition of your favorite sweet treat blended with a summertime carnival classic.

Blue Razz – A tasty rendition of your favorite sweet treat mixed to perfection with lip-smacking blue raspberry.

Grape Vape – A delicious rendition of your favorite sweet treat blend together with a handful of juicy, ripe grapes.

First Flight –  A unique blend of delicious pomegranate and peach with a hint of tangy citrus.

Strawberry – A tasty rendition of your favorite strawberry sweet treat with a lip-smacking finish.

Cherry Bomb – A lip-smacking rendition of a classic sweet treat with the perfect blend of sweet and sour cherry.