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Primitive Vapor Company is brought to you from Bryan, Texas. Primitive Vapor introduces a line-up of complex vape juice flavors that are sure to satisfy your guilty pleasure dessert cravings. Highlighted by their rendition of a down south dessert with Buttermilk Pie, Primitive Vapor Co offers a selection of expertly crafted dessert flavors. True to their Texas roots, the team at Primitive Vapor Co presents an array of southern pie desserts with toppings ranging from strawberry to peanut butter. Not constrained just to southern staples, be sure to check out their cannoli offerings as well, including the inventive and delicious cannoli with espresso! These are truly indulgent desserts which can be guiltlessly enjoyed all day long! Fresh fruit fans are not left out either, as the flavor masters at Primitive offer several delicious ripe fruit blends to choose from. Creative combinations of fruits abound, and provide even more proof that the selection of options at Primitive is as well-rounded as they come. Come find out why Primitive Vape Co has won major awards at vape exhibitions around the United States, and more importantly, have won legions of adoring fans. At Premium Vape Supply we are excited to offer the best of Primitive Vape Co products at the best prices available and with the industry leading shipping and customer support you have come to expect!

Berrymilk Pie – A delicious rendition of a buttermilk pie combining rich, creamy custard with freshly sliced strawberry chunks.

Blueberrymilk Pie – A delicious rendition of the famous creamy custard from buttermilk pie blended with fresh blueberries.

Buttermilk Pie – A southern special in a freshly-baked custard pie infused with rich cream and a caramelized top crust shell.

Skippermilk Pie – A savory treat that blends Primitive’s famous buttermilk pie with peanut butter from Vapor Jerry’s skipper.

Cannoli – A delicious rendition of an Italian dessert fried pastry treat with sweet, rich, creamy filling.

Espresso Cannoli – A tasty take on an Italian dessert fried pastry infused with sweet cream and espresso.

Espressomilk Pie – A decadent twist on the rich, creamy primitive buttermilk pie infused with espresso goodness.

Flakd – A rendition of a Turkish dessert pastry layered with pistachios and nuts all baked in a honey glaze.

Vestige – A freshly-made glazed doughnut infused with key-lime cream and covered in sweet cinnamon-sugar.