Prmyum E-Liquids was created in Fall of 2015 and is brought to you from sunny Southern California. After almost half a year of mixing, tasting, and perfecting their flavors, Prmyum E-Liquids made their official launch in March of 2016 with two flagship flavors: Creme of the Crop and Strawberry Melt. After a great reception and huge success, they launched a sequel of high demand flavors in Watermelon Melt and Blueberry Melt in July 2016.

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Creme of the Crop – A combination of vanilla and smooth sweet butterscotch cake with a light tobacco touch.

Melt® E-Liquid Collection

Strawberry Melt – Traditional soft serve, strawberry ice cream topped off with waffle crunch cones to accentuate the vanilla and strawberry

Watermelon Melt – A unique mix of three different types of melons giving you a watermelon sorbet with an added twist.

Blueberry Melt – A delicious rendition of a creamy blueberry yogurt with a delicate balance of sweet and tart.