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Skwezed E-Liquid is brought to you from beautiful sunny southern California. Born from a team of industry veterans with a passion for authentic and fresh fruit, Skwezed set out on a mission to recreate the experience of their favorite flavors in delicious vape juice. The result is a line-up of fruit blends dedicated to one thing and one thing only; being the most authentic rendition of fresh fruit possible. Skwezed presents a number of juicy, rich, fresh-fruit flavors guaranteed to refresh and satisfy all of your fresh-fruit cravings. Bringing to the table popular fruits including green apple, grapefruit, lychee, mango, peach, and watermelon, careful attention was paid to ensuring that there is a popular option for anyone. Each flavor comes in their own well designed box, clearly depicting the impeccable fruit blend that waits inside. Not content to focus solely on fruit, the team at Skwezed soon followed up with the Krem Series. Introducing a duo of creamy flavors with a certain focus on popular west coast trends, Krem provides an opportunity to experience the same Skewed quality from a slightly different angle. Now is the perfect time to discover the combination of quality and impeccable flavor creation that has earned the team at Skwezed an impeccable reputation. We are excited to offer the full range of Skewzed products at the very best prices available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping service that has made Premium Vape Supply your one stop shop for buying vape juice online!

Grapefruit – A fresh, sweet, and zesty pink grapefruit delivering the ultimate fresh fruit indulgence.

Green Apple – A simple yet juicy blend of green apples with just the right balance of sweet and tart.

Lychee – A tropical fruit blend with the perfect balance of sweet and tart for the ultimate summer refreshment.

Mango – A delicious smoothie rendition bringing an authentic rich, creamy, juicy mango refreshment.

Peach – A simple yet delicious, plump peach with a rich sweetness that will satisfy your fruit cravings.

Watermelon – A true to flavor, delicious rendition of a ripe and juicy watermelon with a sweet finish.