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Standard Vape is brought to you by SaveurVape. A long history of innovation has led Saveurvape to have a profound impact on vaping trends. Standard Vape was introduced to the vapor world in the latter half of 2014. Best known for it’s pineapple flavored White Gummy, Standard Vape helped to usher in the sweet treat craze that to this day has barely cooled down. With a perfect level of sweet and an interestingly complex texture, these ground breaking gummy blends quickly inspired many thousands of fans and copycats alike. Red Gummy introduces a strawberry gummy which is perfectly balanced between ripe strawberries and chewy sweets. For those Blue Raspberry fanatics out there, Standard Vape brings the Blue Gummy which is sure to satisfy those fruity tangy cravings. No matter which gummy, the attention to quality and atmosphere which SaveurVape imparts into all of it’s products is immediately recognized. Come see why Standard Vape has earned it’s long standing reputation for producing some of the highest quality and most indulgent gummy flavors available anywhere. At Premium Vape Supply we are pleased to offer Standard Vape products at the best price available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping that you have come to expect.

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Blue Gummy – Your favorite sweet-tooth snack favorite in a chewy blue indulgence with a touch of blue raspberry.

Red Gummy – Your favorite sweet-tooth snack favorite in an indulgent red chew with a touch of strawberry.

White Gummy – Your favorite sweet-tooth snack favorite in a chewy white indulgence with a touch of pineapple.