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Steep Vapors was first released way back in 2015 and is brought to you from sunny Southern California. Steep Vapors made an instant impact on the industry, quickly becoming a staple of vape shops everywhere with the release of their Pop Deez e-liquid. Being among the first popcorn flavors to ever hit the market, Steep Vapors were instrumental in helping vape enthusiasts expand their flavor horizons. Pop Deez represents for many vape enthusiasts one of the earliest opportunities in the vape world to experience a complex and innovative flavor. Since then they have evolved and stayed up to date with industry trends, moving into 120mL plastic bottles and releasing a series of follow ups worthy of the Steep Vapors name. Cinnamon, strawberry shortcake and peppermint pretzel variations have emerged as successors to the original hit flavor and only work to build to on the popularity. The team at Steep Vapors is keen to ensure that there is a spin on the caramel popcorn flavored original that is right up anyone’s alley. Whether you are looking for the classic caramel, or a more complex and unique option like the peppermint pretzel popcorn, there is no better time than now to experience the wonder that is Steeped Vapors. We are excited to offer the full range of Steep Vapors products at the best prices available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping service that has made Premium Vape Supply your one stop shop when it comes to buying vape juice online.

Pop Deez – A one of a kind rendition of delicious popcorn paired with a sweet caramel exterior.