Super Strudel Logo

Super Strudel is brought to you by Beard Vape Co.  Super Strudel introduces a line up of delicious strudel pastry flavors each paired with a delicious fruit option.

Beard Vape Co was grown from a small vape shop in Venice, California, two brothers and a friend realized they had the ability to create a comparable if not more exceptional product as the ones they were selling. With their ambition to creating one of the best E-liquid lines in the market, the trio made almost a 100 flavors in the course of several months, assigning different numbers to each one. Each flavor was set out to be tasted at the vape shop and the hype began to grow. After receiving feedback within the weeks of the trial period, the trio was able to narrow it down to three flagship flavors.Beard Vape Co kept their grassroots by continuing to label each E-liquid with their original number.

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Blueberry Super Strudel – Your favorite vanilla drizzled toaster pastry filled with blueberries.

Strawberry Super Strudel – Your favorite vanilla drizzled toaster pastry filled with strawberries.

Mango Peach Super Strudel – A delicious pastry with mango peach filling, drizzled with icing.