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SVRF is brought to you by SaveurVape. SVRF introduces fresh and uplifting blends including such hits as Balanced and Refreshing, sure to deliver California vibes. When one thinks of California beaches, it’s usually the carefree surf lifestyle which comes to mind, and SVRF succeeds in bringing that spirit into your next all day vape. Consisting of summery fruit blends, and named to reflect the energy with which it aims to promote, SVRF has captured fans worldwide. From the succulent coconut cream of Balanced, to the exotic raspberry dragon fruit tea of Satisfying to the tropical mango cantaloupe papaya infused Refreshing, SVRF has reinvented the summer blend. Come find out how SVRF has been transporting vape enthusiasts everywhere to a warm summer state of mind, no matter the weather.

SaveurVape premium E-Liquid manufacturing is brought to you from sunny Southern California. Established in 2012, Saveurvape is well-known for manufacturing and distributing popular brands such as Met4Jazzy BobaStandard Vape and SVRF. As a California based company, SaveurVape has striven to blur the lines between outstanding quality e-juice and a laid back lifestyle. Easily spotted with it’s clean yet sophisticated packaging and west coast themed names, Saveur has been revolutionizing the vapor world since it’s inception. Always on the forefront of vaping trends, Saveur released Standard Vape, a series of RedWhite and Blue gummy flavored vape juice, which helped ignite the sweet treat craze. Jazzy Boba was released and remains one of a kind, a truly unique twist on the famous west coast boba tea. Met4 is best known for the world famous Golden Ticket, which is far and away the most popular chocolate vape juice ever released. SVRF is perhaps the backbone of SaveurVape today, with a wide selection of fresh and uplifting flavors perfect for an active lifestyle. SaveurVape is notable for the fact that it has produced a string of nationwide hits, each with a completely different identity. As such they have earned their reputation as one of the elite vape juice manufacturers in the world. Whether you are looking for a savory dessert like Met4, a sweet chewy treat like Standard Vape, a refreshing afternoon delight like Jazzy Boba or a beach friendly daily vape like SVRF, SaveurVape is a can’t miss. At Premium Vape Supply we are pleased to offer SaveurVape products at the best price available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping that you have come to expect.

Balanced – A refreshing blend of juicy coconuts mixed together with an assortment of rich creamy goodness.

Refreshing – A delicious trifecta of ripe mangoes, juicy cantaloupe, with a hint of fresh papaya to round it all off.

Revive – A crisp, thirst-quenching, summer blend combining fresh blueberries with a tangy lime finish.

Satisfying – An ultimate summer ice tea rendition combining sweet raspberries with a hint of dragon fruit.

Stimulating – An assortment of seven different berries blended to perfection all rounded off with touch of soothing lychee.